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‘A Track for the City’: Dwyane Wade Delivers Touching Lyrics About Gabrielle Union in New Song with Rick Ross

Dwyane Wade can be heard delivering some rap lyrics on Rick Ross‘ new song “Season Ticket Holder,” where he expresses love for his wife Gabrielle Union.

The cut was produced by Raphael Saadiq and Wade’s former Miami Heat teammate Udonis Saslem, who appeared in a video with Wade and Ross on Thursday to promote the song.

Dwyane Wade (C) jumped on a song with Rick Ross (R) and mentioned his wife Gabrielle Union (L). (Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images/Johnny Nunez/ WireImage via Getty Images)

It then officially dropped later that day, with Wade starting things off in the first verse.

“I’m the son of a saint, still considered a sinner / Three rings on his finger, yeah, that boy was a winner / Never known as a singer but this might be a single … Ball is my passion, check my stats if they askin’ / Shawty checkin’ my page, she follow my fashion,” raps the retired NBA star.

From there, Wade mentioned Union, who he’s been married to for six years.

“My life is a film and Gab’s the lead / She’s so precious to me, as the air that I breathe,” he rhymed.

Ross delivers the second and third verse after that, while Saadiq sings the choruses.

In the promo clip for the song, Wade explained why he wanted to do it.

“Doing something that I’ve never done before but doing it for the city of Miami,” he explained. “So for me it’s just an honor to be in the studio, messing around, joking around having fun but really it’s for the city, for the culture.”

Wade also stopped by “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, where he talked about being in a rap group with his brothers back in the day called Real Fresh. He then brought up his song with Ross.

“I do have dreams, right?” said Wade. “I want to get on one song one day, and Rick Ross is a good friend of mines and reached out to me and said ‘D, let’s do a track for the city.'”

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