O.G. and Jennifer Williams Ignite a Social Media Beef After Jennifer Calls the Former Athlete Out for Renting Her Home

A feud erupted on Feb. 16 between “Basketball Wives” stars Ogom “O.G” Chijindu and Jennifer Williams after Williams called out the former women’s pro football player for allegedly renting her home. The beef initially began when Evelyn Lozada was live-tweeting about episode 2 of “BBW” as it aired and accused someone of faking a storyline and renting their property. 

Lozada said, “It’s the fake house/fake storyline for me. Make it make sense. #BasketballWives.” She then clarified her tweet by saying the person she was referring to “had nothing to do with” Williams, who showed off her new home in the show.

Jennifer Williams (left), and Ogom “O.G.” Chijindu. (Photos: @jenniferwilliams/Instagram, @iheartog/Instagram)

Willams then reposted the initial tweet with the caption, “That damn part!!! We don’t rent we buy as Jay Z said…” When a fan asked who rented their home, the reality star stated, “Started with an O and ends with a G.” 

Fans began to wonder if Chijindu and Williams’ friendship is currently on the outs following that “rental” remark.

“So now you and OG aint cool anymore? That’s flip-floppy.”

“Wait no Jen lol so y’all not cool anymore?”

“I thought u and OG were cool like what is going on here!!”

One follower urged Williams to remove herself from the Lozada-Chijindu drama. “Jennn !! Don’t spill no tea, stay out of their drama!”

Williams then said the reason behind the shade was not because renting is demeaning but because Chijindu allegedly had production rent her a place that she claimed was hers on the show. The “BBW” newbie clapped back with a series of posts on both Instagram and Twitter, one calling  Williams the “fakest one” out of the group with an image of the 43-year-old apparently faking a private jet ride. 

She captioned photo, “BIKOOOO! You better mind your mouth and sit this one out. It’s the fake jet life for me.”

Chijindu didn’t stop there, she later called her co-star “a professional brown noser” in a follow-up tweet while displaying a text message of Williams allegedly complaining about her contract. “AFTER 1O YEARS OF BEiNG A PROFESSiONAL BROWN NOSER.. YOU’RE STiLL SUCK iN A STANDARD CONTRACT..GiRL BYE.. LET’S SEE iF THEY CAN GO AN EPiSODE WiTHOUT MENTiONiNG MY NAME.. #iHEARTOG #NiGERiANknockout.” 

Following the “fake jet” accusations, Williams responded to a fan’s comment regarding the photo under her most recent post on Instagram.

“It’s nothing to address!” she wrote. “If you shop at Fred Segal and not Santee Alley you know what is it… She should address production renting her a house for $30K for 2 days because she can’t film in her real house where she resides… Oh did she break ground for that house yet???? 🙄.”

It is unclear where Chijindu and Williams’ current relationship stands, but the pair have unfollowed each other from their social media accounts in the wake of their new beef.

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