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‘She Knew to Cut Them Comments Off’: Reginae Carter Turns Off Comments Section After Wishing Her ‘Baby’ YFN Lucci a Happy 30th Birthday

Reginae Carter made sure to celebrate her man rapper YFN Lucci’s birthday in peace by turning off her comment, section on Feb. 15 stopping her followers from heckling the 22-year-old about her relationship. The reality star shared a stream of photos of the couple’s memorable moments in honor of Lucci’s 30th birthday.

Carter captioned the post, “Happy birthday baby ❤️ I love you 😘 The big 30🎉 (I mean 21) lol enjoy your Day🤪.” Fans weren’t able to able to share their reaction until The Shade Room reposted the image. In the comments section, many people said the star purposely blocked the comments, given her history with trolls throwing gibes at her, while others proclaimed they didn’t understand what Carter sees in Lucci.

Reginae Carter turns off comment section while wishing her boyfriend YFN Lucci a happy 30th birthday on Instagram. @colormenae/Instagram

“She knew to cut them comments off 😭😭😩.”

“She already knew what time it was 😂😂cut dem comments off quick.”

“😂Yeaaa she cut them comment off cause she knew everybody was gonna aim for that neck.”

“Look at Reginae with her clown mask on once again 😒”

“I just don’t understand OUT OF ALL OPTIONS you choose him. 🥺🥺. A man with kids, drama and baggage.”

Weeks before the initial post, Carter clapped back at trolls on Instagram Live for throwing shots at Lucci while taking a break from working out. The Fashion Nova ambassador told an IG user on mark 1:30 who asked “Where Rayyyyyyyyyyy” was: “Yeah, they jump off on here and hate, but guess what? While they hatin’ I’m getting me a good ass workout and they fat. F–k them. I’m so tired of the damn haters, they just want to — they gon’ hate, they gon’ hate. They hate what they can’t relate to.”

She continued, “They do all of that s–t. But guess what, I still get paid at the end of the day. I still look good. I still get what I want. F–k you mean?”

She added, “You can hate all you want, the f–k. I’m so tired of these people. I’m so tired of y’all. Y’all always thinking that people give a f–k about what y’all talking about. We don’t. You won’t stop me from loving who the f–k I love, you won’t stop me from doing what the f–k I wanna do, you won’t! You just won’t!”

Lucci was released from Fulton County Jail on Feb. 8 after posting $500,000 bond. The rapper was incarcerated last month on a murder charge after turning himself in connection to a December shooting in Atlanta that left one man dead and another injured. 

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