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Lil Scrappy’s Refusal to Talk to Erica Dixon During Filming of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Has Fans Thinking He Still Has Feelings for His Ex

Lil Scrappy and his ex-girlfriend Erica Dixon haven’t been together for years. Things haven’t been the most amicable between the two during that time, especially when it comes to their daughter Emani Richardson. 

Viewers of “Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition” may remember that recently Scrappy was seemingly ambushed by his former partner. His mother, Momma Dee, secretly invited Erica to tag along as her plus-one on the series special in hopes that the two could work things out and find better ways to co-parent. 

Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy. (Photos: @msericadixon/Instagram, @lilscrappy/Instagram)

Bambi rose to the occasion and quashed the feud between herself and Erica, telling the mother of three that she didn’t have any issues with her whatsoever. Scrappy, on the other hand, was not so eager to follow suit. Now it seems as though Scrappy is refusing to speak to Erica at all.

In a new teaser clip for the Feb. 22 show, Scrappy appears to be telling Erica that he won’t be participating in their sit-down, telling her, “Nah ’cause we not doin’ it right now.” He added, “I ain’t tryna do nothing.” Erica agrees before both parties walk away. Scrappy is seen as visibly frustrated by the encounter. 

When asked by a producer why he refused to talk about Erica, Scrappy said, “Y’all not finna have me talking about her this whole time. We keep talking about her more than my own wife. I’m not finna be doing that.” He added, “Find whoever that girl with, and y’all can sit them up here, and they can talk her the whole time.”

Fans believe there is more to Scrappy’s story, and some have even suggested that the rapper won’t talk about his former girlfriend because he may still be harboring feelings for her. 

One Instagram user gave their opinion on the situation, stating, “It’s bc he’s still in love with her. He doesn’t want the cameras to capture his raw emotions.” They added, “Since he’s married that’s understandable.”

Another person commented, “Damn he still bitter? He’s not grown enough to have a conversation with her or talk about her? 🥴.”

“Scrappy giving me very much ‘I’m still in love with Erika’ but,” one Twitter user wrote,

Still, some people claimed to have understood why the “Money in the Bank” rapper would be reticent, including one person who wrote, “They just trying to make mess between him & his wife so he did the right thing 😭.”

As for Erica, she appears to be tired of the back-and-forth, as she was seen telling Momma Dee about the ordeal and how she has accepted Scrappy for who he is. Check out the clip below. 

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