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‘She Don’t Wanna Admit It’: Fans Accuse Bambi of Being Bothered By Lil Scrappy’s Ex Erica Dixon

Breakups are hard. Breaking up with someone you have children with and are still appearing with on the same reality show might be even more challenging. 

However, by the looks of the trailer for the upcoming “Love and Hip Hop: Family Reunion” special, viewers may finally get to see Atlanta’s own Lil Scrappy, Bambi, and Erica Dixon bring about some balance to their rocky dynamic.

In the latest COVID-19-inspired special, Scrappy and his wife Bambi meet face to face with the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Erica. 

Bambi and Lil Scrappy (left photo), Erica Dixon (right photo). (Photos: @reallilscrappy/Instagram, @msericadixon/Instagram)

Bambi could be heard in the clip asking Scrappy, “Did your mom invite Erica here?” Meanwhile, in another cut, Momma Dee and Bambi appear to be discussing the details about the situation, to which Momma Dee tells her, “You don’t have anything to be insecure about.”

Erica is barely seen but definitely heard. Presumably talking about her co-parenting situation with Scrappy and Bambi, the mommy of three says, “You know it’s been a hell of a roller coaster” and “this has to stop.”

Scrappy and Erica were together on and off for nearly a decade and share a 15-year-old daughter, Emani. During the season 1 reunion of the show’s Atlanta franchise in 2012, the pair got engaged, only to call off their engagement a year later. They two have tried to co-parent as amicably as possible but to no avail due to child support payments issues. 

The “Money in the Bank” rapper later got together with Bambi but was still fooling around with Erica, which understandably made Bambi upset. The infidelity caused a lot of drama between the two, so it came as no surprise when Bambi was irritated by seeing Erica at the reunion.

In the comments section of the official Instagram page for the limited series, fans dropped in their opinions on the situation. Most people believed that Bambi was bothered by Erica, including one user who wrote, “Bambi is scared of Erica but she dont wanna admit it.” “Erica just gets more fine with age! That’s why Bambi lowkey scared of her!” a second person expressed. “Cause honey, I would of been made her my bestie!”

Viewers will have to tune in to see if the three can make this co-parenting situation work. “Love and Hip Hop: Family Reunion” is slated to air on Monday, Feb. 8, at 8 p.m.

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