‘This Is So Pathetic’: Reactions Vary as ‘Saturday Night Live’ Turns Tessica Brown’s Gorilla Glue Fiasco Into Its Latest Sketch

Viral Louisiana TikToker Tessica Brown’s disastrous experience with using Gorilla Glue as a hairspray may have come to an end, with her hair still intact, but the entire ordeal remains the topic of conversation.

People on social have made light of what was an emotional and learning experience for Brown in mock videos and memes. However, it’s NBC-TV’s “Saturday Night Live” sketch poking fun at the matter on Feb. 13 that has the internet once again buzzing with Gorilla Glue commentary.

Keenan Thompson and Regina King have people on social media talking after their finding humor in Tessica Brown’s Gorilla Glue ordeal. (Photo: Saturday Night Live Video Screenshot)

In the short sketch, “SNL” cast member Keenan Thompson dons a half-slicked back afro, while host Regina King rocks a long straight wig with a ponytail sticking straight up. The duo, portraying lawyers, goes on to say anyone who falls victim to using the adhesive on their hair deserves payment.

“We will get you money for Gorilla Glue or the next best thing,” Kings says. Thompson chimes in with, “or a lifetime supply of Gorilla Glue.”

Several people who noticed that Brown launched merchandise to make a profit from the situation were able to laugh at the sketch.


“Bravo… i loved the segment. Keep doing what you do. SNL jokes on EVERY BODY… NO ONE IS SPARED”

“I laughed! I heard the voice of riley and I chuckled harder,” tweeted one person referring to the character King voiced on the cartoon “The Boondocks.”

However, where there is praise some criticism can also be expected. Viewers who possibly thought the sketch should not have aired, or been written altogether, made sure to add their opinion to the thread of reactions on Twitter.

“This is so pathetic.”

“Too soon to be joking about yall.. we all knew she made a bad decision but thank God its over… Black women we get enough heat as it is”

“It would be one thing to poke fun at the action…but you all had an entire cast of blk ppl in this skit bucking their eyes and speaking poorly.”

Regardless of what the public thinks about the situation becoming a laughing matter, Brown is capitalizing on the moment by helping others. According to TMZ, Brown is using some of the funds raised on her GoFundMe page to help three families in need of reconstructive surgery of their own.

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