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‘Why Just Why?’: Erica Dixon Is Learning ‘Twin Life Ain’t for the Weak’ After Revealing What Her Daughters Were Doing on the Nanny Cam

Erica Dixon has her hands full with her twin toddler daughters, and she is giving her fans just a glimpse of what she has to deal with.

Dixon released a screenshot of the footage from her nanny cam, and it shows her daughters Embrii and Eryss in their bedroom playing. One of her daughters is on all fours on a table that was flipped upside down, while the other is standing over her watching.

Erica Dixon with identical twin daughters Embrii and Eryss. (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

Dixon, who seemed to have figured out what her daughters were doing, playfully scolded them in her caption. She said, “You know what!!!! Why just why??? I just know y’all not pushing each other using the table. 😩😩.”

Fans and other moms commented under Dixon’s post for support and to laugh at the twins’ actions.

One person said, “🤣🤣🤣 yep! This is twin mom life for sure! Be happy you have girl bc my twin boys had the whole dresser on top of them 😑😑🤭🙄🤣🤦🏽‍♀️.”

Another one wrote, “Twin life ain’t for the weak!!!🙌🙌.”

Someone else said that they were “😂😂 Very creative” to use the table as a toy.

Erica Dixon shows her twin daughters playing in a shot caught by the nanny cam. @msericadixon/Instagram)

Dixon’s 1-year-old daughters have been keeping their mother busy and growing up fast. She gave birth to her daughters in May 2019 and said shortly afterward what should’ve been one of the happiest moments for her was actually “one of the most difficult days of my life.”

She continued, “I have been blessed with two beautiful baby girls but to have to leave them just tore me apart. Praying they can come home sooner than later. I’m missing them so much already.”

Although she revealed her twins’ father’s face in the family photo they took for Halloween, she still has yet to reveal any more major details about him … like his name. Fans have also not been able to figure out more about him because he does not have an Instagram account. But the reality TV star did say her love life with him is “actually good.”

Dixon also has a 15-year-old daughter, Emani Richardson, whom she had from her previous relationship with Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy.

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