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‘She Ate It Up’: Marlo Hampton Applies ‘Pressure’ In Spicy Swimsuit

Marlo Hampton was serving up straight body in her Wednesday, Feb. 3, photo when the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” guest star gave her fans a closer look at one of her outfits from the Jan. 31 episode of the Bravo show.

In the picture, she is wearing a zebra patterned one-piece swimsuit. With that, she added a pair of knee-high black-and-white patterned Tom Ford boots. It appears the 44-year-old was really trying to make a fashion statement because she also added a beaded head-piece, a appliquéd pair of black shades, and a black-and-white neckpiece.

Marlo Hampton (Photo: @marlohampton/Instagram)

Using the table to prop one leg up at a 90-degree angle and a chair to rest her hand on, Hampton held her fierce stance for the photo.

Wowed by her banging body and good looks, fans wrote their reactions in the comments.

One said Hampton is, “The MUTHA of styling and profiling honeyyy.”

Hampton’s fans also said she was coming with the “pressure” on this photo and that “She ate it up😘♥️♥️.”

Someone else brought up another good point under the photo writing, that Hampton “need(s) that peach 🍑.”

The peach is something the ladies of the “RHOA” cast hold in the intro of the episodes, and it symbolizes who is an official housewife versus who is a guest on the show. Hampton has been appearing on the show, outlasting other official housewives, for over a decade, and has yet to get the peach. But last April, she revealed that although she wants a peach, it is not something she is pressed about.

“I don’t go to sleep every night like, ‘Lord, please give me a peach,’” she said last April in an interview with “ET.” She added, “Bravo pays me well. I travel good. I eat good. I got good benefits. So Bravo is my family.”

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