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‘This Is It!’: Porsha Williams Debuts ‘Extra Short Cut’ Ahead of Book Cover Photo Shoot

Porsha Williams gave fans a quick update about her forthcoming first book while continuing to turn heads and step on necks with her even shorter ‘do.

The 39-year-old “Dish Nation” co-host took a little time to talk to her followers on Feb. 1 while she was getting glammed up at home. During the 14-minute conversation, Williams modeled her latest chop and let viewers know that she’s making progress on the release of her first book titled “The Pursuit of Porsha.”

Porsha Williams is rocking a different look these days. Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram

Williams, who announced the release of her memoir in July 2020, revealed that she’s keeping the ball rolling by preparing to shoot the cover on the weekend of Feb. 6 and 7. “So my book! ‘Pursuit to Porsha!’ I’m shooting the cover this Saturday. I’m so so so excited!” she exclaimed in the post.

The Pampered By Porsha founder went on to discuss how she’s still deciding what to wear, but knows that she wants her look to be simple. “I don’t even know what I want to wear but I just want it to be like super, super simple,” she said. “It’s like so much going on that less is more these days; am I right? It’s just so much going on. You don’t need to have it going on in your hair, your face, your this. Simplicity! Whatever you can simplify in your life, SIMPLIFY THAT S**T!”

The reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” also showed off her fresh shorter pixie cut and made sure to give props to the stylist who hooked her up. “Fringe Hair Studios. She came all the way from Mississippi and she just chopped it up,” she said while swinging the camera around to give fans the full 360-degree view. “She just came and just did me dirty, y’all! She just cut the hell out this hair which I love it super short like this. Yes!”

“Jade was the first person who cut it, which is amazing, and then Monique from Fringe Hair Studios,” she continued. “She is the one who came and did this extra, extra short cut on me!”

Porsha Williams is loving her short hair so much she cut it some more. Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram

Fans agreed that Porsha’s close cut suits her face and took to the comments to compliment her beauty.

“She can do no wrong, she’s absolutely gorgeous”

“I said you can rock any style… Look great on you sis 🔥💜💜💜💜

“she’s so freakin beautiful ‼️ black girl magic”

“Agree less is great because we can see the real beautiful queen that are women are naturally and not who they are trying to look like”

“This is it!! This look is so her 🤎”

Williams’ memoir is scheduled to head to shelves this September.

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