‘Tell Us the Full Story’: Eric B. Denies Wendy Williams Biopic Rental Car Allegations, Says ‘the Truth Is Something Different’

Eric B. is setting the record straight after Wendy Williams‘ broke-as-a-joke depiction of him in her much-discussed Lifetime biopic.

In the Jan. 30 premiere of “Wendy Williams: The Movie,” the talk show host, who executive produced the project, surprised fans when she revealed that she dated Eric B., but the details were what really shook the crowd. In addition to divulging that she’d been pregnant by him, she also claimed that he couldn’t afford a car while they dated and instead drove her credit into the ground by renting cars in her name.

Eric B. refutes Wendy Williams’ rental allegations. Photo: @therealdjericb & @wendywilliams/Instagram

The 57-year-old half of former rap duo Eric B. & Rakim took to Instagram to poke fun at Williams’ claims by sharing an old-school image of himself standing next to a Rolls Royce with his name spelled out on a vanity license plate. He took the jab a step further by turning his image into a meme with a text overlay reading, “Damn, I need a Rental. To hilarious I laughed to well it made for great Tv But the truth is something different Try that !!!!!!!,” he captioned the photo, which received over 9,200 likes.

Fat Man Scoop dropped a comment complimenting the throwback writing, “This is CLASSIC Eric B. Truck jewels and that whip WHEN NO ONE HAD ROLLS….”

The “Paid In Full” rapper’s fans had his back as well and were glad to see him firing back at the talk show queen’s allegations.

“🙏🏾 yessir. Gotta laugh at the bs.”

“When you doing something right the haters gonna hate”

“F that. Don’t even sweat it. It was a Lifetime movie, need I say more 😂”

“Tell us the full story, the world wants to hear it.”

Eric B. poses with his old school Rolls Royce. Photo: @therealdjericb

Some followers stood firmly on Wendy’s side, however, and had no problems letting Eric B. know it.

“Why would she lie”

“Stop it you know she telling the truth 🙄”

“Yeah after the rentals and a good blow up!!!🤣”

Williams also made claims against rapper Method Man, whose wife has now responded with an official statement.

At the time of this writing, Eric B. hadn’t gone into further details about his side of the Wendy Williams relationship story, but judging by their comments fans would love to hear it.

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