‘I’m Tired of Taking the High Road’: Method Man’s Wife Tamika Smith Responds to Wendy Williams’ Claiming She Slept with the Rapper

Late last week, Wendy Williams was on a press run promoting her Lifetime biopic. She divulged a series of never-before-heard incidents throughout her extensive career as a radio jockey-turned-daytime television talk show host. One of Wendy’s juicy tales included one where she claimed that she had a one-night affair with rapper Method Man

Recently Method Man’s wife, Tamika Smith, released a statement, which was later captured by The Shaderoom, addressing Wendy’s comments about her husband. Tamika claimed that that “for years, I kept my silence while Wendy Williams launched constant verbal attacks against my husband, myself, and our family.” 

Method Man, Wendy Williams. (Photos: @methodmanofficial/Instagram, @wendyshow/Instagram)

Complex reported that Wendy’s feud with the couple started somewhere between 2001 when Method Man and Tamika tied the knot and 2006 when Wendy disclosed personal information regarding Tamika’s cancer diagnosis. The “C.R.E.A.M.” MC allegedly had slammed the daytime talk show host for her actions, calling her a “stupid-ass b—h.”

Smith’s statement continued, “In the past, I ignored her lies, innuendos and blatant attempts to provoke us. But Wendy has proven again and again that she is incapable of any decency. Her obsession with our lives has reached a new low. And I’m tired of taking the high road.”

Tamika accused Wendy of using her and her husband as a ploy to boost rating for her “sad biopic, her struggling T.V. show, and her burnt out career.”

However, despite her anger and, in her opinion, Wendy’s “unhealthy fixation with my husband and our marriage,” Tamika said she never addressed Wendy publicly. She said that “it was clear that she was sick and that she was struggling with a lot of issues including self-hate and low self-esteem.”

Tamika concluded her statement by criticizing the state of Wendy’s career and even her marital affairs with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. “She’s desperate for attention and is trying to use my husband’s popularity as a way to get her name trending. How sad that a woman who was once revered in the entertainment industry has reduced herself to a tabloid sidenote and circus freak!” she said.  “For the record, my marriage is solid, my husband continues to enjoy a successful career, and Wendy will forever be one of the most miserable b-tches on the planet.”

While Method Man has yet to address the issue himself, fans flocked to his Instagram page this past week looking for confirmation. Since Tamika’s response neither denied nor verified Wendy’s allegations, the choice presumably is left up to fans to decide whom they believe. 

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