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‘Stiff and Off Beat’: Marlo Hampton Fails the ‘Junebug Challenge,’ But Looks Cute While Doing It

Marlo Hampton has stepped up to do the popular Junebug Challenge. On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Hampton uploaded a video of herself doing her version of the trending TikTok challenge. Wearing a black long-sleeved crop top and black high-waisted pants with a gold-and-black belt, the 44-year-old got low into a squat as she turned to the side, hitting the Junebug Walk to the music. The video cuts to her standing next to a car, this time doing a mix of hip twists with the Junebug Challenge dance.

She wrote, “#junebugchallenge 🤣 scale of 1-10 how’d I’d do?? #blameitonthealcohol and @therealdrjackie.”

Marlo Hampton (Photo: @marlohampton/Instagram)

Fans chimed in, giving their critiques on Hampton’s challenge effort.

One person wrote, “Lmaoooo we gotta teach marlo cause that’s the aflac duck she’s doing 🤣🤣🤣,” and another person added, “Marlo baby … you got the June but you left off the bug honey! 🥴😂😂.”

Someone else tried sympathizing with the guest star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” by writing, “I’m sure you had a little wine before you started it’s a little wiggly but you look good AF 😍.”

Hampton didn’t receive the same kindness from everyone though. One person wrote, “Stiff and off beat 🤷🏽‍♀️ revoke her black card please 🤣😩🤣.”

The “Junebug Challenge” was created by a TikToker named Junebug. The point of the challenge is to record small clips of participants walking and flailing their arms in a specific form in bizarre and/or funny locations. Some have done it on top of a car, on a restaurant table, even on a bridge. Once recorded, all of the clips are then added together to make one longer video. The dance is done in conjunction with a song by Jacksonville, Florida, rapper SpotemGottem called “BeatBox.”

Other celebrities that have tried the challenge include Mulatto, Toya Johnson, Monica Denise Arnold and Kevin Hart.

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