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‘I’ve Never Even Seen That Man In Person’: Tommie Lee Claps Back at Princess Love for Saying She Slept with Ray J

Tommie Lee is calling out “Love and Hip Hop” cast members for “spreading rumors” about her on the VH1 “Love and Hip Hop: Unlocked” special.

After finding out that Princess Love exposed Ray J on the episode for allegedly hooking up with Tommie Lee, Lee responded in a now-deleted Instagram post on Jan. 28. She wrote, “I’ve never been with anybody on that show besides scrapp @princesslove keep my f—in name out cha mouth spreading rumors girl ya man been for the streets, but he aint Neva bend my block FOH!”

Tommie Lee (left), Princess Love (right). (Photos: @tommiee_/Instagram, @princesslove/Instagram)

However, on Friday, Jan. 29, a old clip from the show resurfaced where Lee can be heard saying she would “smash Ray J one more time,” before giggling. But Lee responded by standing strong by her original statement.

She wrote on her IG Story, “Nice try still never f**ked him like I said, prime example of editing / scripts move on this is how old 5 years to be exact! I’ve never even seen that man in person ever Lol!”

This response comes after a clip was released earlier that day from the episode where cast members from different “Love and Hip Hop” franchises came together to discuss the old drama and reveal new secrets. In this particular segment, the members were asked to participate in a game called “Sex Degrees of Separation,” which challenges the participants to see if they connect two different cast mates by figuring out who hooked up with whom on the show.

The cast members got through the first round of connecting Alexis Skyy to Rich Dollaz pretty quickly. However, in the second round, they were asked to connect Nikki Baby to Ray J, and that not only tripped people up, but it shocked Ray J.

What was revealed was Nikki Baby slept with Safaree, who then hooked up with Erica Mena, who slept with Rich Dollaz, who hooked up with Moniece Slaughter, who then hooked up with Ray J. Looking confused, the only thing the “One Wish” singer could say when his cast members asked him if it was true was “but that don’t count.”

But that was not all. After revealing that Moniece had been with Scrapp DeLeon during her time in Atlanta, Princess Love exposed that Scrapp was with Tommie and Tommie got with Ray, which she learned after Tommie allegedly “said that on the “LHH Dirty Little Secrets” special. This time Ray J seemed completely astonished by his estranged wife’s news.

Although it was never confirmed if it was true, the TV host, Kendall Kyndall, revealed that Scrapp DeLeon actually hooked up with Karlie Redd, and she is the one that hooked up with Ray J.

Again Ray J seemed to have no recollection of being with Karlie, leading him to ask “when.”

Laughing, Love added, “He thinks if he doesn’t remember that it didn’t happen.”

Love and Ray J are going through their own family drama, which may be why Love seems so willing to throw her husband under the bus. Last year, they both filed for divorce after being married in 2016 and sharing two children. Although they have been seen together on social media multiple times and have even professed their love for each other after announcing their divorce, it is not certain the two will be able to reconcile.

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