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‘Ray Belong to the Streets’: Princess Love Puts Ray J on Blast for Previously Hooking Up with Moniece Slaughter, Tommie Lee, and Possibly Karlie Redd

Princess Love has nothing to hide when it comes to Ray J‘s exploits, and she put her husband on blast during the final episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Unlocked” for hooking up with multiple members of the franchise.

The couple appeared on the final episode of the four-part VH1 special on Jan. 25 and during a game of “Sex Degrees of Separation,” which called for the cast members to link other “L&HH” franchise stars together through who they’ve slept with “in the least amount of steps,” Princess wasted no time calling her soon-to-be ex-husband out for his womanizing ways.

Princess Love and Ray J. (Photo: @rayj/Instagram)

Host Kendall Kyndall kicked off the first round, naming Alexis Skyy and Rich Dollaz, before moving on to Nikki Baby and Ray J, which is where the tea began to spill.

Love was one of the first to try and connect the dots, declaring, “Oh, I got it! Erica hooked up with Rich, and Rich hooked up with Moniece [Slaughter], and Moniece hooked up with Ray,” which the Raycon founder met with a “Home Alone”-level shocked face before exclaiming, “But that don’t count!”

Princess just kept going from there and revisited Ray’s past with former “L&HHATL” cast member Tommie Lee. “Wait a minute. Scrappy was with Tommie and Tommie was with Ray because Tommie said that on the show one time. She said that on ‘Dirty Little Secrets.’”

A still-stunned Ray managed to screech out a simple “Wheeenn?!” to which Love simply responded, “Anybody can lead to Ray, so…”

The next bombshell came from Kyndall when he finally connected the dots for the cast. “So Scrapp DeLeon hooked up with Karlie Redd, and I hear that Karlie Redd hooked up with you Ray J!”

Love burst into either genuine, nervous, or perturbed laughter at the discovery, and the “One Wish” singer once again demanded to know “Wheeenn?!” before admitting that he “lived a wild life back in the day” after Princess got one last jab in saying, “he thinks if he doesn’t remember that it didn’t happen.”

Princess Love recounts Ray J’s Casanova past. @rayj/Instagram

Kyndall gave Ray the chance to set the record about Redd straight, but before he could Princess confirmed that he told her “he knew [Karlie] from back in the day” but “left that out.” Ray J seemed to have a hard time recalling whether it happened or not, saying “I don’t think that we did,” but he wasn’t able to remember for certain.

Fans had plenty of jokes after seeing some of Ray’s past laid out for the public by his wife.

“Princess really is where the money resides she doesn’t care what he does 😂”

“The industry so nasty, they really just be sharing eachother 😂”

“how is she not socking him in his chest? 🥴”

“Princess sitting there fake laughing knowing deep down she wanna fight him when the cameras cut off”

“Y’all know Ray belong to the streets”

“His face expressions said that it was all true 😭😭😭”

At the time of this writing, Karlie Redd has yet to respond to the allegations or help Ray J recall whether or not they hooked up.

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