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‘That’s My Baby Head, Y’all’: Zonnique Pullins Gives Fans a Partial Peek at Her Infant

Zonnique Pullins teased her millions of followers on Jan. 26 when she gave them a preview of her newborn daughter by showing them the back of her head. The new mother was on Instagram Live when her fans repeatedly demanded to see the 1-month-old as she discussed various topics. 

Pullins — who expressly told her rapper boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy not to show the baby’s face — said, “You wanna see the back of the baby head so bad. Izzy, please show them her head. They waiting. They don’t know how to act. … That’s my baby head, y’all. It look like mine. Izzy thought it was mine, but it’s kind of his. She has a square-like face, but she got a head like mine in the back. … If you look at her in the front, she a box face like her daddy.”

Zonnique Pullins’ Instagram Live screenshot

Following her daughter’s brief appearance, the new mother asked her fans for their opinions. “The MIx” co-host said, “So, what y’all thinking? She got good hair, like, let me know. Like, what are y’all thinking, y’all not saying nothing about my baby head, but y’all just did all that to see her head like. Y’all f–k with that hair? I know, I did that. I did what I had to do.”

Fans’ responses to the newborn’s revealing were split. Some loved Pullins’ comedic approach, while others indicated that showing the baby’s face isn’t a big deal.

“What y’all thinking she got good hair or 🤣😂.”

“That’s my baby head y’all 😭😭😭 I love her.”

“She least show them her head 😂😂.”

“People hiding their new born baby face like it won’t change in a few weeks 😂.”

“I hate when ppl do this. Like girl we done went through the whole pregnancy with you and you mean to tell us we can’t see our niece lol 😂.”

Zonnique Pullins. (Photo: @zonniquejailee/Instagram)

While Pullins’ sneak peek received mixed reactions, some fans voiced why the newborn’s privacy is important. One wrote, “I honestly wouldn’t show my baby this early either. The internet is really sick, and that’s supposed to be a moment of nothing but happiness.”

Another expressed the idea that the singer would reveal her baby when she’s ready. “Ok but like it’s good they have privacy on their child and can show her when they are comfortable.”

An Instagram user asked others to leave the 24-year-old alone regarding her baby because the new mother has many responsibilities she needs to adjust to. “Let her mommy in peace. I swear being a new mom is a whole different lifestyle that takes a lot of adjusting‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️”

Pullins also revealed during her live chat the prayer she had for her daughter. She said, “I pray every night, ‘Lord, please let my baby have good hair. Please let her have my nose. Please let her have her daddy eyes.’”

The “FTCU” singer added that the prayers weren’t solely just for her daughter’s good looks. She also asked God for other qualities. “I wasn’t just praying about looks, you know. I was definitely praying for her to be intelligent, for her to be humble and loving.” 

Pullins gave birth to a baby girl — whose name has yet to be released — on Dec. 15 following her pregnancy announcement over the summer. 

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