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‘Nah That Was Dumb Quick, What’s the Tea Sis’: Masika Kalysha Calls Off Engagement to Fiancé Jamar Champ, Claims He Was Extorting Her

Masika Kalysha released a lengthy statement calling off her engagement to Jamar Champ on Jan. 22 after the former couple shared cryptic messages throughout the day on their respective Instagram Stories. 

Kalysha — who requested prayers for herself and her 4-year-old daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell in the caption — said, “After much thought and careful consideration, along with some unfortunate findings, I have made the difficult decision to call off my engagement. As a public figure, I am aware that I am not entitled to the privacies most people would have. Because of this realization, I go the extra mile to ensure, the privacy, safety, and security of my family loved ones and intimate relationships.”

The 35-year-old claimed Champ was using her celebrity status for his own agenda.

Masika Kalysha and Jamar Champ. (Photo: @masikakalysha/Instagram, @1of1champ/Instagram)

“We genuinely love and care for each other, unfortunately when you are a public figure love does not cover a multitude of sins. After doing my due diligence I uncovered a pandoras box of findings that left me questioning everything I thought I knew about this person. I confided in him. I thought he was my best friend, partner, and confidant; but instead, he was trying to come up at my expense and extort me.”

Kalysha concluded the statement by asking fans to “respect her privacy.”

Although many expressed how shocked they were by the announcement, a few offered words of encouragement to the reality star. 

Masika Kalysha calls off engagement to fiancé Jamar Champs and shares a lengthy statement. @masikakalysha/Instagram

“Nah that was dumb quick, what’s tea sis.”

“Well that was fast but atleast she’s smart enough to call it off before it even starts 👌💅🏾.”

“This is embarrassing for her but she did what she had to do, people call off engagements all the time. I’d rather her call it off early than her marry somebody and be unhappy. She’s fine, it’s not a big deal these comments aren’t even funny.”

“When you can no longer ignore the red flags. 😩 Better to call it off before vows are exchanged and the certificates are signed. Smart woman. 👏🏾”

“They’ve BEEN knowing each other and BEEN dating behind the scenes. It’s only new to us, the public. Nothing wrong with her leaving a situation that’s not healthy or genuine. This isn’t something to make fun about.”

Masika Kalysha Screenshot/Instagram Story

Hours following her announcement, the “Love & Hip Hop” star reiterated on her Instagram Story she needed prayers during this trying time. She captioned the post, “Pray for me.”

Champ later issued an apology to Kalysha. He said on his Instagram Story, “I apologize to my fiance if I caused any type of shame, social media is here to bring hate and negativity. I’m a man and I accept my fault and I want to make things right by any means to you I meant what I said when I committed to you and KB.”

The former couple celebrated their engagement with family and friends on Jan. 16 in Houston, Texas, a month after the model confirmed she’d said yes to her longtime friend-turned-lover. Kalysha described the event as a “dream.” 

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