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‘The Mean Girl Act Is Getting Old, Fans Are Over It’: Porsha Williams Calls Kenya Moore Out for Photo-Op Remarks During Charity Drive, Fans Side with Porsha

Porsha Williams threw jabs at her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore on Jan. 17 by sharing a fan’s comment in a Instagram snapshot bashing the former beauty queen. The pair were volunteering at Kandi Burruss Sept. 11 charity drive sponsored by her Kandi C.A.R.E.S. (Compassion, Advocacy, Resources, Encouragement, Support) foundation, where they passed out food to single-parent families affected by the pandemic. 

The initial now-deleted social media post from after Sunday’s episode read, “The level of hate, vile, and just plain jealousy that #KenyaSnore displays towards @Porsha4real is just embarrassing to watch. Perhaps if she had any real level of decency, she might have better luck in life #RHOA#GetALife#MiseryLovesCompany.”

Kenya Moore (left), Porsha Williams (right). (Photos: @thekenyamoore/Instagram, @porsha4real /Instagram)

Williams, who also tried promoting her brand, screenshotted the comment and captioned the upload, “I mean dang… Anyway, thank you all for watching!! Don’t forget to visit @papmperedbyporsha and pamper yourself like a (star emoji). #Rhoa #NobodyPutsBabyInACorner #BlessedHighlyFavored.”

During Sunday night’s episode, Moore accused Williams of getting prepared for her photo-op when she arrived on time for the charity drive. “I see you came early for Kandi,” the Kenya Moore Hair creator said as she referenced Wiliams’ late attendance to her engagement party for Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill.

She added, “She ain’t nothing good.” Williams then interrupted her cast mate and said she is “on time for charity.” Following the conversation, Moore said in confessional, “So Porsha’s on-time for her photo-op. Wonderful.” The model has previously suggested Williams became a part of the Black Lives Matter movement for clout.

Many fans called Moore out because they felt the reality star was too old for her petty behavior.

Porsha Williams threw shade in a now-deleted post at co-star Kenya Moore for her photo-op comments. @porsha4real/Instagram

“The mean girl act is getting old. Fans are over it.”

“Kenya is such a hater!! Is sad. She’s wayyyy too old for that.”

“Kenya, just securing her spot for next season‼️ It’s literally business for her‼️”

“Kenya just beefs with everyone, to keep her spot… even if she looks stupid, she’ll keep them snide comments coming. 👀🍵”

One fan mentioned how noticeable Williams’ growth was following Moore’s scornful remarks. “This shows Porsha’s growth too. Old Porsha would’ve been gathered Mrs. Daly.”

Porsha Williams. @porsha4real/Instagram

In addition to volunteering, Williams also donated $5,000 to Burruss’ charity, something Burruss called an “extra blessing from God.” Burruss said, “I asked my circle of friends to make donations if they could. Porsha has really stepped up She’s like one of the first people here and she gave $5,000 to me that was just like an extra blessing from God.”

Other donors included “RHOA” stars Drew Sidora and Marlo Hampton.

Hours before the episode, Williams promoted the Bravo series and asked her followers to donate to Kandi C.A.R.E.S., which Burruss founded in 2014.

“Make sure to tune in to the new episode of #RHOA tonight! I was thankful to be able to join @kandi in lending a helping hand to the community through her amazing foundation @kandicares Visit their site and donate today. #TeamGiveBack 💜💜💜💜💜💜.”

Burruss expressed her gratitude to the 39-year-old. “Thank you so much @porsha4real! You were truly a blessing!”

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