‘Reginae Gon Have to Want the Best for Herself’: T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Harris Says Reginae Carter Deserves Better and Fans Agree

Deyjah Harris felt empathetic toward her longtime friend Reginae Carter on Jan. 11 when she sent well-wishes to the 22-year-old on Twitter. 

The reality star wrote, “Reginae deserves nothing but the best.” Although the post’s motive is unclear, many assumed it could be referencing Carter’s on-again, off-again relationship with rapper YFN Lucci who recently turned himself for an alleged role in a murder. Droves of followers expressed to Harris that the only time Carter will get the best is when she realizes she’s worth it.

Deyjah Harris (left)/and Reginae Carter (right). (Photos: @princess_of_da_south/Instagram, @colormenae/Instagram)

“Facts. Sometimes the best people go through the toughest times. Nevertheless, it builds character. I’m sure she knows who is in her corner and so long as you support her and continue being the amazing friend that you are, things will be fine. You’re special.”

“Reginae gon have to want the best for herself but I agree she deserves the best we all do!”

“When all u know is stuck, u stay stuck 🤷🏾‍♂️‼️ She got to want better for herself. No one can force that for her.”

“She absolutely does. However, she likes what she likes.”

“She does but she have to know that. She is young but hopefully she know her worth and stop settling for a grown, immature boy like Lucci.”


While many offered their advice to Carter, others threw shade by referencing her “sample” tweet shared a day before. One wrote they weren’t showing love to the Fashion Nova ambassador after comparing women to samples.

“Not after she called me a sample and she the whole tray of samples cuz that n—a kept coming back.”

“Not when she called us samples and she Costco.”

Another said they wished the 22-year-old the best. “Yes we wish Ms. Costco the best…”


Carter’s initial tweet stating that many women are considered samples because they are easy to obtain was shared on Jan. 10.

“A lot of females are comfortable with being a sample … it’s sad. Samples are displayed everywhere and are very easy to get … don’t be the sample…be the actual product it’s worth way more & harder to get. Don’t let this go over your head #dontbeasamplehoe.”

Carter was viewed as a hypocrite because of what is deemed her toxic relationship with Lucci.

Last year the couple made headlines after they were captured on video hanging out after Teyana Taylor’s Halloween party. They initially broke in 2019 after Carter tried to keep tabs on Lucci as he attended a “cucumber challenge” pool party.

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