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‘Eat Her Up Drew’: Drew Sidora Throws Shade at Kenya Moore For ‘BLM’ Comments Against Porsha Williams Following New Episode of ‘RHOA’

Reality star Drew Sidora of The Real Housewives of Atlanta” condemned her castmate, Kenya Moore, on Twitter for showing “fake support” to Porsha Williams during the Jan. 3 episode of the hit Bravo show. Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams threw a surprise party for the 39-year-old’s participation in the “Black Lives Matter” movement, inviting everyone but Moore. 

The “Step Up” actress wrote in response to Moore’s reaction to not being able to attend the congratulatory party, “Kenya makes all this fuss about being the 1st Black Miss USA, but is quick to put another black woman down and fakes support @Porsha4real in her #BLM movement #rhoa.”

Drew Sidora Screenshot/Twitter

Moore, who was initially Cynthia Bailey‘s plus one, was uninvited by Lauren because she didn’t want the night to be potentially ruined with the former beauty queen’s presence. Upon hearing the news from Bailey, the Kenya Moore Hair creator began to lash out. She said, “What am I gonna do? Protest at her celebration?” She then called her co-star Kandi Burruss and told the mother of three that she felt the party was “self-serving and fake.”

“I feel this whole party is self-serving and fake and to me; it’s all a photo op anyway.” Burruss ultimately consoled her friend and told her it was the best decision not to attend especially knowing how strongly she felt toward Porsha’s involvement for the cause.

Many fans agreed with Sidora’s comments against Moore, 49, and expressed how they find it to be part of Moore’s shady character.

(L-R): Drew Sidora and Kenya Moore Photo:@drewsidora @thekenyamoore

“Drew READ her out, go off Miss Sidora ❤️.”

“True words she always behave that way..”

“Salute to Drew👏👏👏👏.”

“That’s how Kenya roll putting other Black women down to make herself look good.”

One Instagram user corrected Sidora’s tweet which falsely mentioned that Moore was the first Miss USA; the title went to Carole Anne-Marie Gist in 1990, three years before the model. “Corrections: 2nd Black Miss USA.”

Later on that night, Sidora shared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” that Lauren was right to recind Moore’s invitation to the party. ” I think obviously we saw, you know Kenya’s real feelings about it on the other side. Because Kenya said she was gonna play nice, and I think in that moment obviously when we talk about Black Lives Matters, it’s a real moment. And so I think she needed people there that were gonna be genuine.”

She added, “Lauren’s discernment as a sister was right on point and just keeping it positive and genuine.”

Following Sunday night’s episode of “RHOA,” Porsha, the guest of honor, also shared her two cents on Moore’s possible attendance, saying she would’ve been mature about the situation. “At the end of the day, we could’ve tried to be mature enough to put any feelings to the side for the bigger cause.”

She continued by expressing that it was for the “best” that the former beauty queen wasn’t there following her remarks of the “Dish Nation” co-host getting arrested during “BLM” marches for clout, which ultimately led to activist Tamika Mallory alongside Porsha bashing those claims.

“The things that I know now, I think it was probably the best choice for her not to have come. Even though I had nothing to do with her choice, I think she made a good choice now that I look at it.”

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