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‘Not Thot Tasha Boots’: Kirk Frost Makes Fans Laugh After He Cracks on Wife Rasheeda’s Footwear

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality diva Rasheeda Frost is no stranger to good fashion taste. The Pressed ATL clothing store owner continuously serves her fans looks up and down her Instagram timeline. 

She usually receives favorable views with very few misses, but fans point out when she does, and now so does her husband, Kirk Frost. 

The 38-year-old was stepping out dressed in a black turtleneck, blue jeans, black shades, a tote, and boots tied up her thigh and attached to her black belt on Friday, Dec.18. 

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star Rasheeda Frost is stepping out in “Thot Tasha Boots.” @Rasheeda/Instagram

As she was leaving her home, Frost was following his wife from behind with the camera. “Hold up, hold up. Slow down,” he told Rasheeda, who turned around. 

“You got your Thot Tasha boots on,” Kirk said as he panned the camera down from Rasheeda’s feet to the upper body. 

“Here you go with your name-calling,” Rasheeda rebutted, smiling at her husband’s hilarious remark. 

“Where you going with boots all the way up to your d–,” Kirk said but was cut off when Rasheeda quickly responded. 

“I’ll be back,” the mother of two told him. “All right,” he said before cutting the camera off. 

“Can you please stop messing with me! 😂😂 Gotta long day & it’s our Anniversary babe! Yeap boots available now!…. & my hair getting long y’all 😝,” Rasheeda captioned the video that garnered over a million views. 

Fans cracked up over the interaction between the couple and couldn’t deny the “LHHATL” reality star’s fly look. 

“😂😂😂😂 Those boots are🔥🔥🔥 tho !!!!!”

“Not Thot Tasha boots 😂 I’m glad y’all made it work 💪🏽🥰.”

“I’m loving those boots, boo.”

“Not the Thot Tasha boots lmao 🥰😂🔥🔥 they fire 🔥 tho.”

“Drip 🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

“One thing about Rasheeda, my girl can d r e s s ! ! ! 😍.”

Fans also wished the pair a “Happy Anniversary,” which is on Dec. 18. However, the duo which has had ups and downs, as shown on the VH1 reality show, almost forgot their wedding date. 

In a previous video, both Rasheeda and Kirk thought their wedding anniversary was on Dec. 20. Both laughed because they were planning their wedding anniversary celebration on the 20th instead of the 18th for weeks. 

“I refuse to think we the only ones who’ve done this @frost117???” Rasheeda captioned the video. 

Married couples and lovers shared the same sentiments in the comments section below while still congratulating the couple. 

Despite not knowing at first, the two celebrated their anniversary on Friday night at their Frost Bistro & Bar. Kirk recorded his wife enjoying a drink, and Rasheeda switched her outfit and shoes. But she had on similar boots that went up to her thigh. 

“Now, she got on the baby Thot Tashas,” Kirk said. Rahsheeda cracked up again and told her husband in the caption, “Happy Anniversary.” 

The two have been married for 21 years, and while they weren’t able to go all out like last year they still look as though they’re enjoying their life together as man and wife. 

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