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‘She Either Pregnant or About to Be’: Quavo Hints at Wanting Kids with Saweetie

Quavo might be ready to take that next step with his long-time rapper girlfriend, Saweetie. On Sunday, Dec. 13, the Migos group member posted a tweet that hinted about him impregnating Saweetie. 

He wrote, “Piece She Better Quit Playing Cuz Ima Shoot For a 7 piece,” followed by seven baby emojis.

Saweetie came across Quavo’s comment and went on her own Twitter to respond, saying, “qwavo wildin.”

(L-R): Saweetie and Quavo (Photo:@quavohuncho/Instagram)

Despite her reaction, Saweetie was the one who originally started the conversation about kids. Just the day before, on Dec. 12, she tweeted, “I swear I thought I was gonna have at least one kid by 21 now look @ me” adding six crying emojis behind it.

It wasn’t until the next day and 2 minutes before making the “7 piece” tweet that he saw the “Icy Girl’s” tweet and responded with a running man emoji and a wind emoji. 

The couple’s fans commented with mixed responses.

One person was skeptical that the two may already be expecting.

She said, “When they tweet like this… She already preggo.”

Another person commented, “They was just warning y’all so you’re not surprised. She either pregnant or about to be lol.”

Other fans began joking about Saweetie’s reaction. Some said that Quavo had her so shook that she spelled his name wrong. 

Someone else wrote, “Saweetie said whooooooo not THIS club lol. 7 in 1 try I’m with you when you right Saweetie bc no maam.”

The topic of kids has been coming up more often when it comes to these two. At the top of this month, we reported on Saweetie interviewing with a Chicago radio station where she suggested that she would like to be a mother in the future. 

The “My Type” rapper said, “Well you know what, I do want to have babies, so … I want to have, like three or four.”

But she also let it be known that she was in no rush to have kids either. She said, “I really want to make sure I’m at a stable point in my life” before having children. Saweetie, 26, revealed that since her parents had her young, she was often babysat by other people. Although she gave credit to her parents for doing what they could, she stated that she had a few goals she wanted to complete so that when she is ready to have kids, she could give them her “undivided attention.”

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