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‘I Want to Have, Like, Three or Four’: Saweetie Suggests She’s Interested In Having Kids — Sometime

Saweetie suggested this week that she is open to becoming a mother.

On Nov. 30, in an interview clip with Chicago radio host Kendra G., Saweetie revealed how many kids she might like to have and gave some hints on when she wants to have them.

The clip began with Kendra G. asking the “Icy Girl” about “quarantine babies” and if she would be interested in having any six months from now.

Saweetie, who was shocked by the question, quickly smiled and replied, “Well you know what, I do want to have babies, so … I want to have, like, three or four.”

She later added that she would like to take time to accomplish some more of her personal goals before having kids because she wants to give them her “undivided attention.” Opening up about her own childhood, she revealed that her parents were young when they had her, which resulted in her being babysat by a lot of other people.

She said, “I really want to make sure I’m at a stable point in my life. So I mean we gon’ see what God has in store for me.”

The “Tap In” rapper has been dating Migos group member Quavo for about three years now, and they still seem to be head over heels for each other. After hearing Saweetie’s response to having kids, fans reacted, saying Quavo needs to pop the question first.

One fan said, “Uh uh pooh tell him to give you a ring first.”

Another added, “Ain’t pushing out his babies till he buys the rock.”

The skeptical fans believed Saweetie might already be pregnant, while others are confident that the couple’s children will come out “cute.”

One fan said, “them babies gon be so pretty.”

Another added, “the babies would be gorgeous that’s for sure.”

They even joked that the couple could nickname their children “snowflakes,” since she calls herself “Icy Girl.”

Just like Saweetie, her fans will have to wait and see what the future has planned for her.

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