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‘His Sperm Getting You Pregnant’: Porsha Williams Does the ‘Body-ody’ Challenge, Pokes Fun at Herself

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams had a blast doing the “Body-ody” challenge inspired by Megan Thee Stallion’s dance moves in the music video for “Body.”

Williams, 39, had a huge smile on her face as her sister Lauren filmed her.

“You should be practicing,” Lauren said as Williams attempted the dance. 

Porsha Williams @porsha4real/Instagram

The “RHOA” star wore a blush pink dress that was low cut as she danced to the chorus of “Body.” She then collapsed to the floor in laughter. 

“Ody ody ody ody ! 😂 Something is clapping I’m def doing it right 😂,” Williams joked in the caption.

She added, “@theestallion I got this challenge in the bag 🔥🔥🔥.”

“Gurrrrl I was like a boobie was about to make an appearance 😂,” one fan commented in reference to the “RHOA” star’s low-cut dress. 

Another joked, “it’s the trust you have in the dress for me ☠️😭.”

Williams proceeded to poke fun at herself by turning the clip into memes.

“Yooooo I can’t stop!! I made some memes, take my phone 😂 ,” she captioned another post

She captioned one of the memes: “Him: I pulled out. His sperm getting you pregnant.”

In another she wrote, “Him: Don’t come in here with your BS. Me: With all the BS.”

“Him: I’m done with her crazy ass. Me: The crazy ass arriving at Xmas Dinner,” she captioned the final meme. 

Williams is the latest celebrity, alongside Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, and more, to take on the “Body-ody” challenge.

Megan Thee Stallion, 25, explained during her appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Dec. 10 that she created the song after reminding herself that she was beautiful despite gaining “the quarantine fifteen,” and she wanted women of all sizes to feel confident. 

“The hook literally came from me looking in the mirror admiring my fluff,” she told the host. “It’s definitely about people just celebrating their bodies.”

Williams similarly revealed in a candid Instagram post in May that she “gained about 12 pounds” while self-quarantining measures were being widely practiced across the nation.

“I still look nice,” she confidently declared. “But just wanna be more comfortable and not pass out at the top of the steps lol so ima start with cardio in morning!!!”

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