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‘What’s Wrong with Her Eye?’: Joseline Hernandez’s Video Makes Fans Blink When the Wind Interferes with Her Eyelash

Joseline Hernandez’s attempt at recording a sultry behind-the-scenes clip on Dec. 13 went amiss when millions of her fans zoomed in on her eyes.

The rapper, who was wearing a sheer white dress with a matching appliquéd choker, was listening to her single “Live Your Best Life” as the wind blew in her direction. Hernandez tried to promote her single and her OnlyFans page in the caption, but majority of her followers were solely focused on what they deemed was a terrible eyelash application.

Joseline Hernandez’s Eye
Joseline Hernandez. (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

“Your eyelashes is f—ed up”

“Who ever did ya eyelashes need to do them over”

“Its the improper application of the lashes for me”

“What’s wrong with her eye?”

“One of ur eyelids not participating.. wondering if it’s because the eyelashes and wind combination.”

Although many fans were poking fun at the reality star’s appearance, others raised the idea that the 34-year-old might be overworking herself. One believed that lack of sleep is to blame for Hernandez’s supposed lazy eye.

“She’s always had a lazy eye…When u have one, the more tired you are, the lazier it appears, so she must be on her grind.”

Another told the reality star to rest. “Look like your tired sit it down and get some rest.”

An Instagram user pointed out Hernandez is consistently uploading posts about her work. “Every time I’m on Instagram Joseline is working, get that money sis.”

Hernandez has been a busy woman since she left “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” back in 2017. “The Puerto Rican Princess” made her way back to the franchise in 2019 when she joined the third season “LHHMIA” spinoff. A short time later, the reality start released “Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami” on Zeus Network. The show — which premiered earlier this year — followed Hernandez as she tackled life as a mother, entrepreneur, and artist while trying to revive a failing strip club.

The hit series first season was recently picked up by We TV and is scheduled to air in 2021.

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