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Erica Dixon Says Teenage Daughter Emani Took Some Time to Come Around to Younger Siblings: It’s Been Us for So Long, So I Just Had to Understand

Erica Dixon has hit a stride when it comes to balancing her time between her 17-month-old twin daughters Embrii and Eryss and 15-year-old daughter Emani, but the “Love & Hip-Hop” star admits that the sisterly bonding on Emani’s part took a little time.

Being an only child for the majority of her life had grown on the teenager, whose father is rapper Lil Scrappy, so when Dixon welcomed the girls home, Emani continued to behave as if life hadn’t changed for a while before settling into her role as their “second mom.”

Erica Dixon has fans swooning over her beautiful family photo. (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

“Emani is most certainly a second mom! Now at first, I was a little worried because she was no help, and when I say none, NONE!” she exclaimed at 10:44. “Emani you’ll see her just going about her business like ain’t nothing going on and I’m like ‘Emani, you do have sisters.’ So eventually she came around.”

Dixon realized that Emani’s hesitation in the beginning was largely due to their family expanding so much and after so long. “I think Emani dealt with, it just had been us for so long and her having to accept and be able to adjust, like it’s not just me and my mom,” she explained. “And she said it, like, ‘I just don’t have my mom to myself anymore.’ At first I’m like, ‘Girl, you a teenager. Stop it.’ But I had to just stop and think about it. It’s been us for so long, so I just had to understand, she’s used to us.”

Eventually, Emani warmed up to her little sisters (and with faces like those, who couldn’t?), and took more interest in learning how to bathe and change them, and now Dixon says “she swear that she’s their mama too.”

The 36-year-old reality TV star also explained during the interview why she has a very specific reason for referring to Embrii and Eryss as “the girls” as opposed to “the twins.” “I didn’t want to make them like one, so I didn’t want to call them “the twins,” she says at 1:55. “I just say “the girls” and I don’t allow people to call them “twin” and “twins.” Call them by their names and if you don’t know who’s who, just ask me and I’ll tell you.”

After keeping him under wraps for months, Erica revealed the face of the girls’ father in a post-Halloween photo that showed off their group Addams Family costume, but his name remains unknown.

Emani is also now a big sister to four young siblings total, including one-year-old brother Breland and four-month-old sister Xylo, her father’s children with wife Bambi.

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