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Erica Dixon Finally Reveals the Face of Her Twins’ Father

Erica Dixon has decided to reveal the father of her twin daughters. On her Instagram Story on Nov. 2, Dixon uploaded a photo of herself in her Halloween costume with her oldest daughter, Emani, her twin babies, and her babies’ father.

In the photo, Dixon and her family are dressed as the Addams Family. Dixon was dressed as Morticia Addams, Emani was Wednesday Addams, and the father of the babies, whose name is still unknown, was Gomez Addams. Eryss and Embrii, who are not dressed as a particular character of the eerie fictional family, are dressed in matching gray shirts and pants with black spiders on them.

This is the first time the 36-year-old is showing off her partner’s full face to the world. Valentine’s Day was the closest fans have gotten to seeing what he looks like. On that day, Dixon wished him a happy birthday from the twins’ Twinzonli Instagram account. Only capturing his side profile, she posted a blurry photo of him playing with Eryss and Embrii.

Erica Dixon revealed the father of her twins in family photo. @msericadixon/Instagram

In the caption she wrote, “Happy Birthday daddy!”

Back in January, she briefly mentioned him in an interview when she revealed that she did not have the twins vaccinated. Many fans were upset and called her “dumb” for not doing so. Some critics went as far as to say that Dixon’s daughters would get ill and die.

Further explaining her decision on the controversial topic, the “Love and Hip Hop” star said in an interview with The Jasmine Brand: “The twins’ father is vegan. He definitely is against the twins getting vaccinated.”

She added, “Everyone is free to form their own decision when it comes to their children. … We have to learn to agree to disagree without being disrespectful. Especially those that wish death on my children because they aren’t vaccinated.”

In the interview, she said that she also went vegan after learning that she was pregnant and even made the decision to continue her vegan diet throughout the pregnancy.

For a while now, fans have been trying to figure out who is the father of Dixon’s twins. At first fans speculated that “Power” star Rotimi Akinosho fathered the children. However, both parties quickly put that rumor to rest by calling it “fake news.”

With the twins, Dixon now has three daughters. She had Emani from a previous relationship with “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Lil Scrappy.

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