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‘I’m Never Gonna Say No’: Swizz Beatz Hints at Dr. Dre and Diddy ‘Verzuz’ Match

Verzuz” creators Timbaland and Swizz Beatz are still on a high from the record-breaking seasontwo premiere match between Jeezy and Gucci Mane.

The “Put On” rapper and “Lemonade” rapper put aside their nearly two-decade long beef on Nov. 19 and racked up 9.1 million viewers, beating out the ratings of every music awards show aside from the Grammy Awards

(L-R): Swizz Beatz said that he and Timbaland have talked of a possible Verzuz matchup between rappers and producers “Diddy” and Dr. Dre. Photos: @therealswizzz/Instagram/@timbaland/Instagram

“This one was very monumental for us because it actually brought our culture together and it actually showed a lot of the youth and a lot of musicians who are going through problems or have problems with other musicians or just people period that the ending can be something that’s celebrated in positivity,” Swizz Beatz, 43, told TMZ Live on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Now fans want to see Dr. Dre and Diddy on “Verzuz” and they might get their wish.

The “Verzuz” creators were asked about the prospect of Dr. Dre, 55, going head to head with Jay-Z, 51, to which Swizz Beatz quickly responded, “I think that’s a slim chance.”

When questioned about Dr. Dre and Diddy, 51, Swizz Beatz teased, “Now that’s something different, that’s something different.”

The producer continued, “You know the way these ‘Verzuz’ works is that everybody has these magical wishes that they want, but the universe has been bringing these magical wishes.”

“I can’t even say what’s not going to happen anymore. A lot of the ‘Verzuz,’ just like the last ‘Verzuz’ we just seen, everybody said it couldn’t happen,” he said, referring to Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s match.

Swizz Beatz was further questioned by the TMZ host who pointed out that the producer didn’t explicitly say “no” to a Diddy and Dr. Dre “Verzuz.”

“We just let the universe naturally make things happen,” he responded. 

The producer added with laugher, “I’m not gonna say no, I’m never going to say no anymore!” 

Neither Diddy nor Dr. Dre has weighed in on the possibility of duking it out in a “Verzuz,” but Swizz Beatz made it clear that that match is not off the table.

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