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‘You Didn’t Have to Do That Sis’: Tommie Lee Shocks Fans, Cuts Her Hair In Video to Prove a Point

Tommie Lee took a shocking step on Nov. 28 to prove to her naysayers that she was wearing not a wig but instead jumbo braids with added hair extensions: She cut her hair in Instagram video clips.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said one clip while unraveling her braids: “So, to all the girls who want to ruin my promo and say I’m wearing wigs. This is for yall. This is not a wig, sweetie.” Although Tommie never mentioned the particular promo, she told people to “stop playing” with her. “This is my hair. I know it looks likes a wig, but it’s not. Those edges are real. Please believe in my promo. Please stop playing with me.”

The model captioned the post, “When I try to put y’all down, trust me a–holes.. #whatwig 👀Tommie promo be all truth why lie 🤦🏾‍♀️ @wynteeeeron the braids.” Many fans felt the star’s response to the comments were unnecessary.

“You ain’t have to do that sis 😭.”

“I hate when a celebrity has to go out their way to prove social media wrong😩 mind YALL business😩.”

“You don’t have to prove nothing to them bae 😩😩😩.”

“She has been trying to disprove the wig comments for 3 days. Let people think what they want.”

One follower jokingly responded that the protective hairstyle could’ve lasted longer. “Those braids had another week left 😔😂😂,” an Instagram user wrote.

Tommie posted the photo in question on Nov. 23 as she posed in a car. She captioned the snapshot, “Wonder, do you miss me when I’m busy on the road….” Even though people assumed the reality star was wearing a wig because of her slicked-back edges, one follower defended Tommie against those claims. The social media user said, “When ya rock your real hair, and they think it’s a wig🙌🏾🔥.” Tommie seemingly agreed by responding, “Exactly!”

In 2019, the 36-year-old began her “hair growth challenge” by cutting off most of her hair and using hair growth products, including pills, shampoo, and conditioner. She also revealed to her followers that she wouldn’t be straightening her hair.

The “LHHA” alumna wrote, “I’m going to be doing a hair growth challenge to see how long I can grow my hair in 90 days,” Lee wrote in her caption. “I also won’t be using any heat. I will deep condition each week and oil my scalp each night. So excited to see the results. #Hairfinity #hairchallenge.”

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