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Folks Catch ‘Baby Fever’ After Joseline Hernandez Posts New Video of Baby Bella Speaking Spanish

Social media just can’t stop buzzing over Joseline Hernandez‘s one-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella and her ability to speak two languages.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star is of Puerto Rican descent and she’s been teaching baby Bella her native language, which is Spanish. The one-year-old is actually bilingual and Hernandez often posts videos of little Bella talking up a storm.

The 32-year-old mother took to Instagram on Tuesday and shared a video clip of the one-year-old answering a series of questions in Spanish. Hernandez captioned the recording, “Mi mejor trabajo 🧟‍♂️” which translates into “my best work” in English.

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: from left Joseline H. and Bonnie/Instagram)

In the video, Bonnie Bella engages in conversation with Hernandez who asks the little one her name, age and other common questions. Baby Bella answered all of her mother’s questions proudly with a smile on her face.

Fans were gushing over the one-year-old’s adorableness and praised Hernandez for teaching her daughter to be bilingual.

“That’s super Joseline teach them young their minds are little sponges 💜.”

“Thats the cutest thing ever. You go Joseline. Heritage is everything 👍.”

“We love you @joseline amazing mother, amazingly strong beautiful woman Bonnie Bella is such a beautiful little girl inside and out , your doung a fantastic job with this little angel 😘.”

“She’s so smart ♥ 😍 awwww she’s too much. Yes Joseline, excellent job keeping her bilingual💪”

“Too adorable good job joseline💯.”

“Omg😩 Joseline this is exactly why I will always love you 😍 bonie is winning 2 languages.”

“I love that she speak both languages. She so pretty just lik her mama.. 😍.”

“Yesssss!!! ❤️❤️❤️ love that you’re making sure she’s bilingual!!She’s so adorable❤.”

Hernandez welcomed Bonnie Bella into the world in December 2016 with music producer Stevie J. The former couple were in a nasty custody battle last year, but they finally came to an agreement of joint custody in March. Hernandez was however awarded primary physical custody.

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