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‘The Blonde Has Been So Much Fun’: Ayesha Curry Ends Her Blond Fling After Receiving Backlash from Fans

After just four short days and some criticism from fans, Ayesha Curry has announced that she is saying goodbye to her new look. On Thursday, Oct. 22, Curry took to Instagram to post two selfies and explain that her time wearing blond hair has come to an end.  

The two photos show Curry bare-faced and rocking a blue tie-dye shirt. The first picture is a close-up of the 31-year-old with a bright-eyed expression on her face. In the second one, she is throwing up the peace sign and slightly smiling while looking to her right.

Ayesha Curry. (Photo: @ayeshacurry/Instagram)

“The blonde has been so much fun! I need to scratch my scalp a little though, you feel me? I wish I could actually dye my hair this shade but I know it would require way too much maintenance. Who can relate? #funwhileitlasted,” she wrote for the caption.

But in her comments section, many people expressed that they wanted Curry to keep the look a little while longer.

“No don’t let the blonde go away just yet,” begged one fan.

Another suggested, “Let it stay til the new year at least.”

There were several people who wrote comments like, “Love the blonde on you,” or “Blonde looked amazing on you.”

Photos: @ayeshacurry/Instagram

These comments were more supportive than the subtle backlash Curry received when she debuted the look on Oct. 18. There weren’t many people that were flat-out disapproving of the look. Instead, people explained that they did not recognize the mom of three, at first glance.

Many had mistaken her for “a whole white girl.”

After seeing the backlash, Curry’s husband, Stephen Curry, decided to step in and show some love to his wife in the comments.

He reminded her that, “You beautiful baby. And don’t you let anybody tell you differently ok? I mean it. There’s just a bunch of meanies out there and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. Do you boo boo.”

She later took to Twitter herself to respond to the haters, writing, “It’s the fun wig for a switch up and extremely common IG filter we all use from time to time for me.. I just…y’all be taking this stuff wayyy to serious.”

Nonetheless, it should not be that much of a shock that the wig is gone already. In her initial post, she warned fans by writing, “Mom goes blonde (temporarily),” in the caption.

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