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‘Real Close’: Keyshia Cole Hints That She Is Almost Done With Her Eighth Studio Album

Keyshia Cole is getting ready to give her fans some new music!

The singer popped in on Instagram on Oct. 21 to post a picture of herself smiling and on the phone. In the caption she hinted to fans that she is working on her eighth studio album.

The caption reads, “Today will be another productive day. I will give love and except nothing less in return. My intentions will be good!!! And I pray that God places likeminded individuals around me. #Album8.”


Grammy-winning producer Symbolyc One commented, “Facts!! U done?”

Cole replied, “Not yet. But real close.”

Screenshot: @keyshiacole/Instagram

Fans eagerly wrote about the upcoming album in the comments section.

One said, “I know this album is about to be E V E R Y T H I N G !!”

“I’m still banging album 1-7 literally on a regular. We are waiting patiently,” said another fan.

One of her other fans admitted, “I need some music keyshia I’m stressed.”

Another wrote, “I’m so ready for this album!!! It’s been awhile so I Kno you have alot to say. I’m mentally ready for this emotional rollercoaster.”

It’s been a little over three years since Cole released her seventh album, “Reset.” Since the release of her last album, Cole has filed for divorce from her ex-husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and has had her second son, Tobias Khale, with her now-ex-boyfriend Niko Khale.

Her divorce was finalized on Sept. 3 of this year. To celebrate, she took to Instagram to upload a picture of herself smiling big.

For the caption she wrote, “I’m so damn happy my divorce is FINALLY, FINAL!!! This is not a SHADE POST PROMISE! Just a genuinely happy post, that the weight is lifted from over both our heads #PARTY IN #MALIBU.”

Now it looks like the Grammy-nominated singer is putting her focus into her music. It was announced in June that she had signed with Primary Wave Music and BMG. She will also be working with A&R executive and producer Ron Fair again for her next album. Fair signed Cole to her first recording deal and worked on her first four albums.

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