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‘I Opened My Big Mouth’: Papoose Says Remy Ma Is Not Pregnant Again, Says People Misinterpreted What He Said

Papoose is cleaning up the tea he spilled about his family having a new addition.

A clip of Papoose’s interview with radio host Jenny Boom Boom was posted to social media on Tuesday, Oct. 20, and he gave some context to a statement he said earlier this year about him and Remy having another child.  

After explaining Remy Ma’s in vitro fertilization process, the New York native revealed how fans confused his statement as an announcement from him of Remy Ma being pregnant. He said, “At the time when I made the announcement, you know my wife had woke up one day and said “hey I’m ready now” you know since this COVID thing, we locked in. I don’t think its going to stop me from working. Let’s do it.”

Remy Ma
Remy Ma, her daughter Reminisce Mackenzie Mackie and Papoose @remyma/Instagram.

He explained that they went to the same doctor that they went to when they did the first IVF process before conceiving their last child, Reminisce Mackenzie Mackie, whom they also call their “Golden Child.”

 “When we started the procedure, I was so excited and I opened my big mouth, you know what I’m saying and I said something about it. People who, you know, not knowing how the procedure goes, that there are steps you have to take. They took it as she was already carrying our child. But what I was expressing was ‘yo we’re having the next baby. She’s ready.’ ”

He also revealed that in the beginning of the last process they had two embryos set aside, one was the “Golden Child” and the other was their son. Remy Ma initially wanted to put them both in so she could have twins, but Papoose didn’t want to do that because having twins is “very risky” with IVF.

Updating fans on how the process is currently going, the 42 year old said, “Now it’s kind of on hold for now. But we did start the process, we did sit down with our doctor and you know, we started the procedure. So like I said it’s on hold for now.”

Back in July, Papoose appeared as a guest on Fox Soul’s “Out Loud With Claudia Jordan.” While being asked how he was doing during the pandemic, he said, “I love being with my family. I get to spend so much time with my amazing wife and my amazing daughter. I’m just making the best out of it, and we’re moving forward.”

He continued, “We’re going to have another child real soon.”

Remy and Papoose have one child together, but have more children from previous relationships. Remy Ma has one son and Papoose has three children.

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