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Remy Ma Gives Fans Partial Look at Her Newborn ‘Golden Child,’ and They Love What They See

Remy Ma finally let her fans get a peek at her newborn baby girl, and they fell instantly in love.

Remy hasn’t yet announced the name of her “Golden Child,” but she has graced her followers with a picture of the infant. In the photo she is in a hospital bed holding her daughter, with the baby facing away from the camera.

The female rapper shared the lovely photo to her Instagram on Tuesday. In her caption she wrote, “Best Christmas present ever!!!👶🏽 Thank you @papoosepapoose 🥰 #BlackLove #MeetTheMackies #RemAndPap #TheGoldenChild #RemyMa #RemyMafia.

Although only the back of the baby’s head is visible, the fans think she is precious.

Remy Ma

“CONGRATULATIONS @remyma & @papoosepapoose on your new bundle of joy 👶🏽👣🍼 god bless ❤️ #merrychristmas”

“We can’t wait to meet this beautiful lil doll”

“Born with a head full of hair Remy! I know she is just adorable can’t wait to see the folder child. 💕💕💕”

“Congrats bby…… Tht is the most precious gift U can get on Christmas……..”

“Lawdddd she have a head full of hair 😩😍😍💕 February me please 🤞🏾”

“Congratulations wowwwwww all that HAIRRRRRRRR”

The reality star had her fans on edge about her health when she had to return to the hospital after giving birth. TMZ reported last week that the rapper had lost too much blood after her labor. She was brought back for a blood transfusion.

But Remy reassured her fans on her Instagram as soon as she could that she is feeling better and that the baby is healthy. “I’m FINALLY back home and doing much better. The baby has been PERFECTLY fine since being born Dec. 14th and I’m resting & recovering at home.”

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