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‘Nola and Grandma’: Fans Fall In Love with ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Charmaine Walker’s Portrait of Her Late Mother and 6-Month-Old Daughter

Charmaine Walker‘s recent post melted hearts everywhere.

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star took to Instagram on Wednesday, Sept. 30, and posted the cutest video of her daughter Nola Bey and her husband Neek Bey singing together.

“And, baby, I love you,” Neek sang, before baby Nola cut him off by belting out a high note. The video was posted on Walker’s 6-month-old daughter’s official IG page, and the caption read, “Daddy doing background vocals while I hit my high notes ☺️.”

Charmaine Walker
Neek Bey and daughter Nola Bey. @nolagbey/Instagram

One user noted how adorable Nola was and wrote, “🤣Cute as a button💙.”

Others were distracted by a painting of Walker’s late mother Glenda Walker hanging in the infant’s room. The artist’s conception showed Glenda Walker holding her granddaughter Nola in her arms. Fans melted over the image.

“It’s the background pictures for me 😍😍😍💕”

“Love the picture of Nola and grandma in the background. Beautiful 💛”

“🔥I love the picture of your mother holding Nola. Making me cry but with joy knowing she’s always with you through her.🤗”

Walker’s mother died in October 2019, a few days after finding out the 29-year-old was expecting her first child.

The television personality is still grieving the death of her mother. In a July 6 post, she wrote on social media, “Losing a mom make you realize that you lost an unconditional love that cannot be replaced 💔 I’m hurting more than ever. having to reprocess her death all over again while being a new mom in covid 🤧 it’s getting the best of me. Would do anything for a hug by my mom to tell me I’m doing a good job and that it will all be okay. Just want her to be here for me.”

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker and her mother Glenda Walker. (Photo: @charmainej_tv/Instagram)

Walker and Neek named baby Nola after Glenda. Walker said she thought of an image of her mom when giving birth to her daughter in March.

“Hearts are full 💜 #NolaGlendaBey was born yesterday at 4:41 ! 6lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inches!” the “Black Ink” star penned on March 15. “When I was pushing her out I had an image of my mom holding her and it was the most beautiful experience ever.”

Fans continue to pray for Walker and her family. One person recently told the new mom, “Your Mom is present daily… I pray She visits You in a dream & let You know that Your doing a GREAT Job.”

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