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Tia Mowry Debuts Her ‘Breathtaking’ Fall Look

Fall is nearly here, and actress Tia Mowry is getting into some new looks. On Sept. 19, Mowry posted an Instagram selfie to debut her new makeup look for the season.

The fall-themed photo shows the “The Game” star dressed in a yellow sweater and little gold hoops to accessorize the look.

Tia Mowry’s new look for the Fall (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

As for the cosmetics, Mowry shows off a makeup look that is simple yet aesthetically pleasing. Both her eyelids and lips are painted a reddish-pink color. The thick eyeliner gives the eyelids an extra oomph with a small wing at the ends. Her blushed cheeks mimic the same coral color that coats her eyelids and her lips.

“Hello #fall,” she captioned the photo.

Wrapping up the look, Mowry’s eyebrows are shaded in lightly and her hair is styled in medium length curls to top it off.

Followers of the actress chimed in on their love for the look, saying, “So pretty!! Love the yellow on you!! Fall is my favorite season!!”

Another one added, “Absolutely beautiful. The glow, the impeccable makeup, the eyes. Just breathtaking, Tia!!”

A lot of Mowry’s other fans focused on her ’90s sitcom series “Sister, Sister”.

“My 7-year-old has discovered “sister, sister…on Netflix and we’ve both been binge watching, laughing and enjoying this simple pleasure! Thank you…peace and love,” said one.

Anther fan of the show added, “I binge watched Sister Sister this week and you can’t imagine all the happy feelings it brought back!”

Seasons of the hit series were added to Netflix on Sept. 1, along with “The Game.” The next day the 42-year-old took to Instagram to celebrate having three shows on Netflix.

She wrote, “Wow! Wow! Wow! Never ever did I ever think that I would have 3 shows #trending on @netflix This is insane!!! The #love that I’m receiving from all #3 shows have been so amazing! #sister #sister, #thegame and my most recent show #familyreunion. Making over #400 episodes of television! 📺 I am so grateful for my job and I #love what I do! 🙏🏽 Thanks for allowing me into your homes for all these years!”

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