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‘That’s Why She Got Her A– Taken Out’: Mimi Faust and Rasheeda Throw Shade at K. Michelle After Watching 2013 ‘LHHATL’ Confrontation

It looks like Mimi Faust and Rasheeda Frost had a few things to get off of their chest about their former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast mate K. Michelle.

Faust and Frost recently sat down in front of VH1 cameras and relived an old clip of K. Michelle throwing a lit candle at Frost.

In 2013, Faust split from ex-boyfriend Stevie J. after finding out he was cheating on her with multiple women. She moved into a new apartment and threw a housewarming party, but, as many viewers recall, things quickly went left after K. Michelle and the “Georgia Peach” rapper hurled insults at each other and nearly came to blows.

As Faust commented on the old scene for the VH1 video released last week, she said, “This is bringing back bad memories already.”

K. Michelle
(From left) Mimi Faust, K. Michelle and Rasheeda Frost. (Photos: VH1)

At one point, the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer referred to herself as a “good Christian girl,” to which Faust responded, “Good Christian girl? You far from that! Far from a Christian girl.”

Faust’s caustic commentary toward her old cast mate didn’t end there. The season 2 episode replayed Frost and K. Michelle’s explosive verbal altercation from when the songstress accused Frost of “writing full essays” about her on Twitter. Frost responded to K. Michelle in the old scene, referring to K.’s black market butt injections, “Just be worried about when your ass gon’ hit the floor, that fake s–t; when that motherf—-r drop and yo ass in the hospital some f—-n’ where.”

K. Michelle
Rasheeda relives old 2013 spat between her and K. Michelle. (Photos: VH1)

While rewatching the throwback clip, Faust threw more shade at K. Michelle and said, “And that’s why she got her whole ass taken out. Rasheeda, you was right the entire time!”

Frost relived the moment also and said, “Girl stop! Let me shut up.” She expressed how she regretted not punching K. Michelle after the R&B crooner spoke ill about her husband Kirk Frost and his “three earrings.”

Faust and Frost’s commentary and K. Michelle slander sparked different reactions from “LHHATL” fans.

“Rasheeda had nothing but space and opportunity to run up and she stood there and got hit with something and kicked multiple times💀🤣🤣 sis should’ve continued her walk to the elevator.”

“I love how Rasheeda was just laughing looking back bc that’s all you really can do. Mimi, who is usually unbothered, seemed hella pressed.”

“Rasheeda should sit this one out talking about somebody they still hating on KMichelle this was over 5 years ago 🤣.”

“This is whole beef was childish. Like Grow up it’s not that Deep.”

Maybe Faust is still upset about K. Michelle hitting her in the face with a bouquet of flowers during a different “LHHATL” scene in season 2. Who knows?

As for Rasheeda and K. Michelle, apparently they’ll never be friends. In 2012, the Pressed boutique owner accused K. of lying about her domestic abuse allegations toward ex-boyfriend Memphitz Wright. Rasheeda has never publicly apologized to the singer about the matter.

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