‘Flaws & All’: K. Michelle Reclaiming Her Natural Body, Teases New Show

Singer K.Michelle’s journey to regain her natural figure has been a long one of perseverance and acceptance of who she is without fillers and pressures to confirm to society’s unrealistic standards.

Despite having already endured surgeries to remove the free-flowing silicone injections from her backside, the singer, who briefly dated actor Idris Elba, still has a way to go before her journey is complete.


The former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member shared the news of an upcoming reconstructive surgery in her Instagram stories.

“This body of mine has been through hell! It isn’t perfect but it’s MY body. This journey has been difficult but I’m a tough cookie. Proud of myself and that’s all that matters! Finishing up my reconstruction with @drcarlosgomez1 I’ll see you in Jan.”

(Photo: @kmichellmusic/Instagram)

While speaking with Dr. Phil in October, K. Michelle says getting black market injections was the worst decision of her life. “I started to look like an ant. One day I woke up and my legs gave out,” said the singer of the realization that her injections were beginning to take a toll on her health.

Fans in support of her journey to a healthier body and self-image flooded the comments with support.

“Your health is all that matters, all the rest can be handled with time. You are alive and now have the chance to help other people.”

“Ain’t nobody asking bout body sweetheart. Just do you. #JUSTDOYOU.”

“It’s only one you and your fabulous with flaws & all ❤️ #LuvTheSkinUin”

The songstress also teased a new show that will showcase other women on their journey to removing toxic silicone from their bodies. It is slated to debut in 2020.

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