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Fans Crack Up at Saweetie ‘Doing Donuts With a Shower Cap’ On a Jet Ski

Saweetie is showing us how she gets down on the jet skis. The “Tap In” rapper tapped into her Instagram Live on Friday, Sept. 11, to let her fans see her jet skiing skills.

On Sept. 11, Saweetie posted a two-minute live video of her in the water, wearing a black, pink, and lime green jet ski suit. Being the glam girl that she is, she made sure that she had the accessories to match her suit. She wore lime green hoop earrings and pink heart- shaped goggles.

Saweetie posing on a jet ski (Photo: @saweetie/Instagram)

Some fans admired her accessories writing, “Sis is a whole mood. It’s the coordination of the accessories for me.”

Someone else said, “Hahahahaha it’s really the goggles for me…protect them lashes too, yes sis.”

But those accessories aren’t the only things that made her outfit stand out.

Rocking a pink shower cap , the 27-year-old showed her fans how she keeps her hair protected.

She said, “You know we have to protect the weave ladies, you know we pay too much for this sh-t”. Responding to one of her viewers she said, “I got 30 inches in this weave, I am not about to mess this up.”

She continues her IG Live, riding around doing tricks in the water and jokingly singing, “doing donuts with a shower cap.”

Commenting on the shower cap, one fan wrote, “May the ancestors wrap their arms around you and keep your hair dry.”

After riding around a few more seconds on the jet ski, The Baby Hair Princess ended her IG Live saying, “I’m about to cook some cheeseburgers for Quavo.”

The next day, she followed up with a few photos of her posing on her jet ski and doing tricks in the water.

Outside of this post, Saweetie has been continuously promoting her song, “Tap In.” She re-posted videos of people dancing to the song for her #tapinchallenge. On Monday, Sept. 14, she found out that the hit single is number one in Urban Radio.

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