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Trina Braxton Tries Not to Say Something ‘Unpleasant’ While She Talks About Tamar and David’s Relationship

Trina Braxton is opening up about last week’s allegations about her sister Tamar Braxton and Tamar’s ex-boyfriend David Adefeso. On Wednesday, Sept. 16, Braxton joined Vivica A. Fox as a guest on Fox Soul’s “Out Loud With Claudia Jordan.” Fox, the sole host for the evening, sat down with Braxton to talk about “how the quarantine has strengthened her relationship, her weight loss journey” and the new season of “Braxton’s Family Values.”

(From left) Trina Braxton, her husband Von Scales, and Tamar Braxton (Photo: @trinabraxton1/Instagram)

While discussing the pandemic, Braxton revealed that she has been getting more into entrepreneurship. She said not only does she have a new hot sauce line, but she also has a candle line and a bourbon line.

After taking time to celebrate Braxton for her recent business successes, Fox continued the interview, saying, “Now I would be remiss, and I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable … how’s Tamar?”

To which Braxton replied, “You know what … better.”

She went on to say that although she understands the public wants to know what is going on with Tamar since the recent reports, “the one thing Tamar has asked us is to allow her to tell her own story, and we are respecting it.” Trina added, “But I do truly honestly believe that when she is ready to tell her story, I believe and pray that it is going to help someone else.”

She continued, “check on your well friends” and noted that “just because everyone seems like they have it all together, that’s never what they are going through internally.”

Fox then turned the conversation to Adefeso’s YouTube Live where he addressed the claims made against him. It was here that both Braxton and Fox became expressive as they discussed their feelings about Adefeso’s video.

After a few eye rolls and neck rolls Braxton says, “I thought it was a lot, and I thought it was unnecessary. But I think it is important to keep my opinions to myself because it’s not gon’ be pleasant.”

Fox continued with her own opinions detailing how difficult it can be being a celebrity and having your business out in the public, because people “want to know”.

Braxton agreed but also added, “Yeah, but you know what, family first,” and ended her statement with “you attack one, you attack us all.”

Last week Braxton’s baby sister Tamar had a drama-filled week as it relates to her ex-boyfriend. On Sept. 8, TMZ was the first to report that Adefeso had filed a restraining order against Tamar as a result of a “domestic violence situation.” Later that evening The Blast announced that there were unnamed sources close to Tamar claiming Adefeso told her he would kill her and then himself in what was the sources claimed was a “murder-suicide” threat.

The next day, Sept. 9, Adefeso got on his YouTube Live and denied abusing Tamar. Instead he made claims of his own, saying he was hit in the neck by Tamar as he was driving his Rolls Royce. He also claimed that there was an ongoing case related to the vehicle suffering almost $30,000 in damages, implying Tamar was the cause.

Tamar and Adefeso began dating in 2018 and apparently were going strong until last week. In multiple interviews, Tamar professed to be in love with the Nigerian businessman, saying she wanted more kids, even in some cases saying she wanted to marry him. However, in his Youtube Live, Adefeso said they were “pretty much over”

Tamar has yet to respond to Adefeso’s most recent claims.

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