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Naturi Naughton Says Latest Album Will Address Feelings About 3LW, Former Group Member Kiely Williams Calls Her ‘Bitter’

Naturi Naughton has a new album coming out, and this one will be detailing her feelings about being “ousted” from her former group 3LW. Kiely Williams, Naughton’s former group mate, caught wind of the news and took to her own Instagram to throw shade at Naughton.

In a Sept. 9 interview with People magazine, the actress talks about her upcoming album and what fans can expect from it.

Naturi Naughton. (Photo: @naturi4real/Instagram)

She said, “R&B fused with a little bit of that hip-hop swag, but done in a way where we can turn up and still hear real music.”

In 2002, the “Power” star decided it was time to leave 3LW, just two short years after being in the group. In previous interviews, she explains not being happy towards the end of her time with the group and decided that she wanted to choose herself. That is when she decided to try a different route in the entertainment industry…acting.

But now that she has established herself in the television scene, she is ready to make music again.

The 36-year-old explained, “I want to bring back that ’90s-era vibe with people really singing. I’m excited to just tell my story through song because a lot the songs I’d talk about feelings I had after being ousted from 3LW.”

The same day news broke that Naughton was dropping this album, Williams posted a snide meme that consisted of a drawing of a tub of margarine with the words “I can’t believe you’re still bitter” emblazoned on it, a wordplay on the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” brand name. Her caption read “ISWIS,” which many interpreted to read for “I said what I said.”

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Kiely Williams Throws Shade at Naturi. @kielywilliams/Instagram

The next day, Williams posted a snippet of Naughton’s old song, “H8AZ,” where, according to Williams, she addresses her feelings about 3LW.

Williams captioned the post, “Where was team Tasha when this gem was dropped? See, she already addressed her “pain”…years ago-you weren’t paying attention because she didn’t have a hit show. But see how nice I am, I showed you something new so go support your girl’s music. It’s a bop, amiright?”

Williams and Naughton have thrown shots at each other before and seemed to have problems dating back to their time in the group. During an April 2019 episode on TV One’s “Uncensored,” Naughton described an incident where the band members were arguing in a car because they wanted her out of the group.

And Naughton said that Kiely turned around in the middle of the argument “and threw the food — mash potatoes, chicken and whatever else was in there — in my face.”

Since creating the posts, Williams has deleted one of them, but the one with the “bitter” meme remains on her page. Naughton has yet to respond to Williams.

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