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Naturi Naughton Has Fans Cracking Up After Saying This About Former 3LW Group Member Kiely Williams

Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday and talked plenty about their show “Power,” which will be ending after its sixth season.

But besides discussing the popular crime drama, Naughton also referenced former 3LW group member Kiely Williams, who was bothered that Naughton accused her of throwing a plate of Kentucky Fried Chicken at her.

During “The Breakfast Club” interview, DJ Envy said the actress should direct a 3LW movie and tell the group’s story.

“Well, yeah, ’cause Adrienne’s on ‘The Real,’ I’m on ‘Power,’ the other girl I don’t know,” Naughton responded.

Angela Yee then says, “she’s on Instagram,” to which Naughton agreed and repeated Yee’s words.

“3LW still owes her money. That’s messed up. They should pay her. The other girl is on Instagram. 😂 “

” Naturi was tryna bait the 3lw topic and they slid right past it! 😭😭😭 and LMFAO she does look like Phaedra 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

The actress has said the alleged food-throwing incident came at the same time that Williams and the other 3LW member, Adrienne Bailon, who’s now on “The Real,” wanted to kick her out of the group.

“There were some names called, some profanities thrown, she turned around, Kiely, and threw the food — mash potatoes, chicken and whatever else was in there — in my face,” explained Naughton on an April episode of TV One’s “Uncensored.”

Williams responded in an Instagram video soon afterward and said her former band mate was lying.

“So I’m over here being a mom, literally bothering no one,” she began. “And then I hear not only did I pie her in the face with chicken and mash potatoes, we left her on the side of the road. First of all, no, we didn’t.”

“And second of all, why would you need to make up new lies?” added Williams. “I’m not in the entertainment industry anymore, I’m a mom. I’m over here. You are on a hit television show. Why do you need this?”

Then on April 12, Williams posted a meme on Instagram that read “Bitch Just Don’t,” with the Nike swoosh above it. It was something that Naughton’s fans ripped Williams for and said Williams was the one being untruthful.

Check out Naughton mentioning Williams in “The Breakfast Club” interview below, starting at the 19:47 mark.

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