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‘I’ve Had to Stop Myself From Going Back and Moving In with Them’: Shaunie O’Neal Voices Her Worries About Dropping Her Children Off to College Amid the Pandemic

Shaunie O’Neal seems to be worried about leaving her 20-year-old son Shareef O’Neal and 18-year-old daughter Amirah O’Neal at college while the nation is in the midst of a global pandemic. The “Basketball Wives” creator and executive producer voiced her concerns about the situation in a Wednesday, Aug. 19 Instagram post.

“Wheeeeew so I’ve been struggling this last week,” she wrote alongside a selfie of herself wearing a white shirt and gray face mask with white stars. “I had to drop 2 of my heartbeats❤️ off at college, and honestly I’ve had to stop myself from going back and moving in with them (Ok I know that’s extreme), but I’m just concerned with so much going on.” She then went on to seek advise from other parents who could understand her uneasiness. “I know God has all of our children covered, but this is tough. I’ve read every article from @nytimes to @usatoday on how to prepare for the drop off, but I miss my babies. Parents how are you coping with dropping your kids off at college?”

Shaunie O’Neal voices her concerns about dropping her children off at college. (Photo: @shaunieoneal5/Instagram)

Some people reacted to the photo and gave the mother of five advice on how to cope with her babies leaving. One user wrote: “It’s tough! I get it!!! Continue to pray, text & FaceTime with them. They may think it’s annoying but I still do it.😂😂 It does get a little better with time! ((Hugs))❤️,” while somebody else said, “🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 you’ll be okay and so will the babies🤍.”

Other fans urged Shaunie to keep her children away from school due to the outbreak as comments like “You don’t! You keep them home!! COVID-19” and “It’s a no for me – they would be home 😂😂” rolled in underneath the post.

Amirah O’Neal announces that she’s attending Louisiana State University this fall. (Photo: @shaunieoneal5/Instagram)

Shaunie’s oldest daughter announced in an April Instagram post that she was joining Louisiana State University in the fall and would be playing for the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team. At 6 foot, 3 inches, Amirah is following in her father Shaquille O’Neals footsteps as an LSU basketball center. Amirah’s brother Shareef O’Neal announced at the beginning of February he was transferring from UCLA to LSU. In 2018, Shareef was diagnosed with a right anomalous coronary artery, a heart defect that can cause chest pain, heart failure or sudden cardiac arrest if left untreated. Shareef had to redshirt his freshman year at UCLA and undergo open-heart surgery to repair the defect.

(From left): Amirah O’Neal, Me’Arah O’Neal, Myles O’Neal, Shaunie O’Neal, Shaquir O’Neal and Shareef O’Neal. (Photo: @shaunieoneal5/Instagram)

In addition to Amirah and Shareef, Shaquille and Shaunie are the parents to Me’Arah and Shaquir O’Neal. The 45-year-old reality star also has an older son, Myles O’Neal, from a previous relationship. Shaquille, a former Los Angeles Lakers center, also has an older daughter, Taahirah O’Neal, from a prior relationship. Shaquille and Shaunie divorced after seven years of marriage in 2009.

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7 thoughts on “‘I’ve Had to Stop Myself From Going Back and Moving In with Them’: Shaunie O’Neal Voices Her Worries About Dropping Her Children Off to College Amid the Pandemic

  1. Alanna Grace says:

    I’m keeping my kids home from campus for atleast the 1st trimester, seeing how the pandemic numbers go, possibly sending them back for the 2nd trimester.

  2. Jessica Garcia says:

    I would pick them up again, and have them continue on doing remote learning, bc my daughter goes to Sunset Park High school in Brooklyn, and even though there is a hugh spike around this neighborhood im not sending her, she will be doing remote learning. I also told her it clears up from now till November i will put her back. But i don’t see that happening any time soon. Until then she will be home.

  3. Janet Holmes says:

    Hi Shaunie, real business is mommy business. You and I made the decision with children to go with the flow of the spirit of avoiding anxiety. It’s there life, your concern. Letting children leave home assuring you the relief is the children can always return, and you allowed them to go forth with faith. Sincerely hoping for healthy safe outcomes……. Children are our future may they learn with ways of escape from the bully Covid19.

  4. Ophelia Miller says:

    I wouldn’t send mines due to the fact kids are not the cleaniest at home let long a school so I’ll think twice before I send mines back

  5. Lakisha Kelly says:


  6. Christine Johnson says:

    I understand how you are feeling, I have a 23 yr old who join the miltary. Who decided he wanted to follow his father footstep.We was soon bless he got station so close to home and he can come home every weekend. He will be going to Korea and I am a nerves wreck. My husband spent 22 yrs of service and now retired. But I just cant handle my son leaving me and going so far. He will be coming home for sometime before leaving. I’m happy he will spend time with us before leaving but I’m still so sad. The best way we can over come fear with our hearts is to pray over them and believe in faith.Thats what getting me through. I call in two and three times a day. It properly drive him nuts. But I’m mom and that’s what good mom do

  7. Anonymous says:

    I usually keep my mouth to myself but I have to say it. Your supposed to protect your kids and keep them home. Why can’t school vertual teach one year. It can’t kill you but covid 19 can

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