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‘I Have to Go to My Doctor Alone’: Zonnique Pullins Opens Up About Being Pregnant During the Pandemic

Zonnique Pullins is preparing for the birth of her daughter during the coronavirus pandemic. The 24-year-old singer and songwriter is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. Atlanta Black Star spoke exclusively with Zonnique on Tuesday, Aug. 11, where she shared how she’s been coping with her pregnancy amid the outbreak.

“You know. I can’t say it’s different because I’ve never been pregnant or anything, but it’s an experience for sure, you know,” she said. “I always felt, like, it would be like a time when everyone gets to be a part of it, you know going to my doctor appointments and stuff, but I have to go to my doctor alone. I can’t even take Izzy with me, and you know that’s definitely different for it being my first time,” she continued. “I wish it could be different. But other than that, you know, I’ve been feeling well. I’ve never got morning sickness and things like that, so really that’s all I can pray for is a healthy pregnancy.”

Zonnique Pullins (Courtesy of Zonnique Pullins)

Zonnique then went on to reveal that she has not yet picked out a baby name, explaining that she wants to name her baby something she will like since she never used to love her name growing up.

The Georgia native later revealed that she was nervous to tell her mother, singer Tiny Harris, about her pregnancy because she didn’t know what she wanted to do at the time. “I always said, like you know, I don’t really want kids anytime soon, so it was kind of just like a thing that came on me,” Zonnique stressed. “I prayed, I just felt like if this is the plan, if this is what God wants for me to do, I wanna do it, and I’m going to try my best at it,” she added. “So my mom was really going through the motions with me and [was] like ‘you know, it’s whatever you want to do. You think on it. You think how you feel and don’t let anybody else, you know, tear you apart from how you feel, just really figure out what you want to do.”

Zonnique Pullins (Courtesy of Zonnique Pullins)

Zonnique first announced her pregnancy to her stepfather rapper T.I. on the premiere episode of Fox Soul’s “The Mix,” a Gen-Z talk show created and executive produced by her mother. The “Winner” singer serves as a co-host on the show alongside Romeo Miller, rapper Jazz Anderson, volleyball star Jamie DuBose and actor Anton Peeples. Although the hosts come from different entertainment backgrounds, Zonnique suggested that they are friends outside of work.

(From left to right): Jamie DuBose, Romeo Miller, Zonnique Pullins, Tiny Harris, Jazz Anderson and Anton Peeples (Courtesy of Zonnique Pullins)

“We kind of all met during the show, but we all really get along and it’s like we’ve been knowing each other for so long,” she shared. “Like we all love talking to each other. Like before we would do little rehearsals just of random topics just to see how we talk together and, we really enjoyed talking to each other. We never really agree on anything, so you get to see us like disagreeing but still loving each other at the same time.” Aside from filming the show, Zonnique revealed that she will be getting such-needed rest before her daughter arrives in December.

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