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Zonnique Pullins Spills the Deets About T.I.’s Reaction After She Told Him on Live TV That She’s Expecting: ‘I Wasn’t Surprised’

Zonnique Pullins dropped a bombshell on the Aug. 4 premiere episode of FOX Soul’s “The Mix” when she revealed to her stepfather T.I. that she is pregnant.

The “Winner” artist serves as a co-host on the show, created with FOX Soul by her mother Tameka “Tiny” Harris. During the episode, co-host Jamie DuBose asked T.I. about a sonogram she held, asking him to guess to which co-host he thought the image belonged. The rapper said, “anybody but Nique Nique” right before she confirmed that she is expecting her first child with her 23-year-old boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy. T.I. was shocked by the news and responded with “I need another drink … and a joint.”

Zonnique Pullins (Courtesy of Zonnique)

Considering that Zonnique is five months pregnant, many people suspected that the “Whatever You Like” artist already knew that he’d be a grandfather. However, the soon-to-be mother of one explained in a Tuesday, Aug. 11 interview with Atlanta Black Star that her stepdad found out about her pregnancy for the first time on her show. “I feel like that he probably had a little, you know, like my, a couple of my family members knew so I feel like he probably had a little idea but he was really waiting on me to tell him. That’s what I really feel like was going on, but that was definitely his reaction, which I kind of felt like it would be something similar to that so I wasn’t surprised,” she said.

When asked if there was a reason why she waited so long to tell him, she said, “I can’t really say because I waited long to tell a lot of my family members,” she added. “My dads, both my dads were like my biggest thing. Even with my real dad, when I told him, he was like ‘Why did you wait so long to tell me? Like you know, you act like I was gon’ whoop you or somethin.’ ”

Zonnique Pullins (Courtesy of Zonnique)

“My real dad, I was just like ‘Oh I’m so nervous.’ Like I didn’t want to tell any of them because I just feel like if I told one or the other it was gonna get back to them in some type of way. And I just didn’t want; I wanted them to find out from me. So yeah. I can’t really say exactly why but I guess a big thing was like me being nervous even though I’m extremely grown.”

Zonnique revealed that her baby girl is due in December, explaining that she hasn’t picked out a baby name.

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