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‘Y’all Are a Breath of Fresh Air’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Charmaine Walker Shares This Darling Pic of Her Baby Nola That Fans Can’t Get Enough of

Charmaine Walker is winning over fans with her latest adorable snap.

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star, 30, is continuing to share sweet glimpses into her self-quarantine life with nearly 5-month-old daughter Nola Glenda Bey.

Walker’s latest photo posted to her Instagram feed on Tuesday, Aug. 11, showed the reality TV star and her baby girl posing for a sweet selfie together at their Chicago home.

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker and her daughter Nola Bey. @charmainebey/Instagram

Both Walker and baby Nola gazed into the camera for the memorable shot. The new mom posed makeup-free and rocked her natural hair while wearing a black T-shirt. She flashed a huge smile in the picture and apologized for her supposed disheveled appearance.

“Literally look a mess everyday during quarantine but we decided to say hi 👋🏽,” Walker wrote in the caption.

More than 66,000 IG users loved the “Black Ink” star’s beautiful photo with her infant.

“She is gorgeous! I see so much of your mama in her❤️ you two look beautiful,” a fan wrote.

Another added, “If she ain’t yo twin…. Omg😍😍😍😍😍😍 she looks like dad but mama all over again so sweet. You look sooo pretty Char.”

“Y’all are a breath of fresh air ❤️,” someone else commented. “You & that sweet precious baby are happy and healthy so that is all that matters 😍.”

Another IG user gushed over baby Nola’s bluish-green eyes and wrote: “Those eyes!!! She look like ur mama so cute! Awwww I love y’all.”

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker and Neek Bey and their daughter Nola Bey. (Photo: @charmainej_tv/Instagram)

Of course, Walker’s husband Neek Bey raved over the picture of his girls and declared that he “loved” it.

Walker and Bey welcomed their daughter in March.

The couple named baby Nola after Walker’s late mother Glenda Walker, who passed away last October. The television personality said it’s been hard being a first-time mom without having her own around.

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker and her mother Glenda Walker. (Photo: @charmainej_tv/Instagram)

“Losing a mom make you realize that you lost an unconditional love that cannot be replaced 💔 I’m hurting more than ever,” Walker wrote on July 16. “Having to reprocess her death all over again while being a new mom in covid 🤧 it’s getting the best of me. Would do anything for a hug by my mom to tell me I’m doing a good job and that it will all be okay. Just want her to be here for me.”

Although Walker has been having a difficult time coping with her mother’s death, she’s still finding reasons to smile.

Besides having a husband who she’s happy to “live life with,” her daughter also puts a smile on her face. Walker said in a July 6 post of herself and baby Nola, “Life has its ups and downs but I have 1 BIG reason to always smile 😁.”

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