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‘Grandfather Tip’: Fans Are In Stitches Over T.I.’s Reaction to Zonnique’s Pregnancy Reveal

Zonnique Pullins recently announced she was pregnant and it seemed everyone knew except for her pops, rapper T.I.

The 24 year old is expecting her first child with her boyfriend of two years, rapper Bandhunta Izzy, 23. Pullins, who is the daughter of singer Tameka Tiny Harris and stepdaughter of T.I., revealed the baby news to T.I. during the Aug. 4 premiere episode of FOX Soul’s “The Mix,” a show presented by Pullins’ mom. Pullins is one of the show’s hosts and listened on as a co-host asked T.I. about a sonogram, more specifically to which of the hosts he thought it belonged.

Zonnique Pullins
“The Mix” panel on FOX Soul Live @foxsoul/Instagram

The “Whatever You Like” rapper responded by saying, “Anybody but Nique Nique.”

Well, it turns out the father of six was wrong. Seconds later, Pullins, who fueled pregnancy rumors last week, confessed to a stunned and speechless T.I. that she is expecting. The musician refused to believe her until his wife Tiny joined them and confirmed the news.

The soon-to-be grandfather yelled, “I need a another drink and a joint.” He also learned that Tiny and Pullins had been exchanging messages about buying baby clothes, something to which he was clueless. He also didn’t seem too thrilled that he didn’t know.

Zonnique Pullins
Atlanta, Ga. – July 14: T.I., Zonnique Pullins and Tameka “Tiny” Harris attend Tiny’s celebrity birthday affair at Scales 925 Restaurant on July 14, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

T.I.’s reaction to Pullins’ pregnancy news left social media in stitches.

“First time TI was speechless lmao ole grandfather tippy”

“He all over the place right now his head spinning like Spongebob in that episode when he couldn’t figure out the name 😭😂”

“So wait she 5 months did a whole people’s magazine shoot and he didn’t know well damn”

“He lowkey hurt lmfaoooo deaaaad she wasn’t ready and he wasn’t ready bahahahaha 😭.”

After “The Mix” episode, Tiny revealed the exciting news to her fans and loved ones via Instagram with a snap of Pullins’ maternity photo shoot and wrote, “I can finally say…My baby is having a baby!! I’m getting more excited by the day!! @zonniquejailee @bandhunta_izzy Congratulations to you both!! I love y’all 👑💙‼️”

T.I. hasn’t said anything else about Pullins’ baby news.

Pullins and Bandhunta Izzy, who already has two children, are expecting a girl. The former OMG Girlz member is currently five months pregnant.

What people are saying

22 thoughts on “‘Grandfather Tip’: Fans Are In Stitches Over T.I.’s Reaction to Zonnique’s Pregnancy Reveal

  1. J Lloyd says:

    As a Parent I think that’s quite disrespectful & disheartening Grown or Not . A whole Photo Shoot, everyone seemingly knows but your Dad!👎🏼

  2. Maxine Tucker says:

    Tiny something else!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I agree, I’m sure it was hurtful to find out the way he did.

  4. Kea says:

    Well that is what happens when you overbearing and worried about your grown daughter’s virginity and all that weird shit.

  5. Maxine Tucker says:

    Why would you wanna blindside your husband tip like that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree💯

  7. Nadeja Beasley says:

    I think it’s very disrespectful for her not to tell Tip. Tip know what kind of men are out there. He only want the best for his kids. Get your career going, get stable and get married. They won’t be together long. Them she’ll be stuck raising a child alone. All what tip was trying to keep her from.

  8. Dizz says:

    I don’t believe that her biological father and they way he is, I wouldn’t say anything either. She’s also 24 years old.

  9. Anonymous says:

    She’s grown, and how she chose to tell him is their business.

  10. Brittany says:

    Well after those virginity checking comments he made about his other daughter, I wouldn’t tell him shit until I was ready either. He obviously can’t respect the privacy of women in his life or keep a damn secret lmfao

  11. Congratulations to the family enjoy.

  12. Y Walker says:

    Not Good Tiny & Zonnique,This is not the way to inform Tip!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    He is not her real father. Plus I think it says more to how close their relationship is.

  14. Jenescia says:

    Congratulations zonnique

  15. LJ says:

    How disrespectful on everyone’s part. Romeo was the only one who seemed apologetic. There is no way, Tip can feel honored in his home. His own wife and daughter just revealed that they don’t love but fear him. My heart truly went out to him. Especially because it was captured on camera.

  16. J. Lorraine says:

    Hey she is grown and did it her way. I am happy for the family. Everyone is so judgmental let them do what they want in peace. Congratulations to Zonnique and the grandparents.

  17. Tina C says:

    Tiny and T I, I live y’all dearly, but Tiny as a wife and a mother you knew better. The not communication between one another can cause hella problems. All that was done photo shoot and 5 months pregnant at that. I blame Zonnique a little bit but it seems she follows her mother. Y’all should have sat down and told the most important people in your family. Tiny you were dead wrong. I still live y’all and my favorite family. Put yourself in his shoes and on national media. It hurt him dearly. But this to shall pass.
    Wish you all the best.
    Congratulations to you Zonnique .

  18. Ayala says:

    That wasn’t nice at all. Ti was blindsided, he’s feeling got hurt 😔

  19. Anonymous says:

    Having a baby don’t make you grown and it irresponsible behavior that got her pregnant, unmarried and probably won’t be

  20. Liz says:

    Has ti been around her an saw the photo shoot or seen her in last 5 mths. Obviously she is pregnant. Either way congratulations .he did raise her so he should have been told.shes 24 what was she scared of by not telling him

  21. Amy says:

    I have learned that maybe because like everything else you want to enjoy things for a minute to yourself. Ahe told himalong with the world. Maybe she wanted the world to see that T.I is human just like everyone se and what better way then this news fresh to all. Babygirl is going to be spoiled.

  22. Zoei B. says:

    People are fussing about Tiny being disrespectful and not honoring Tip in his own home, but wasn’t he in the news for saying that Tiny was only angry about his constant cheating because it got out in the media? I say let this young lady tell her father the way she wants. This way he couldn’t possibly have given her a new reaction, as he was on a recording. If you’ve never had an overbearing father, then you can’t possibly understand. Zonnique was protecting her and her baby’s spirit the best way she knew how.

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