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‘I Wanna be on My Nicki Minaj S–t’: Zonnique Pullins Fuels Pregnancy Rumors In Latest IG Live

People are completely convinced Zonnique Pullins is pregnant.

Although the 24-year-old singer and her mother Tiny Harris have shut down baby rumors before, fans still believe Pullins and boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy are expecting their first child together.

Zonnique Pullins
Zonnique Pullins addresses pregnancy rumors. @zonniquejailee/Instagram

In an Instagram Live video on Sunday, July 26, Pullins addressed the baby rumors. When fans asked if she is expecting, she responded, “Why the f–k do y’all keep asking me am I pregnant?. … I keep telling yall leave me alone.”

“Im a do something special for yall cause yall love to make me pregnant,” Pullins continued. “I wanna be on my Nicki Minaj s–t. Not on mutherf–ing live answering to y’all like I got to.” She then urged her followers to “just chill” and said her “time will come.”

Since Pullins didn’t confirm or deny the hearsay, her response made folks speculate even more. Not to mention, rapper Nicki Minaj recently confirmed her pregnancy.

“‘I wanna be on my Nicki Minaj shit’, well Nicki pregnant sis, what you tryna tell us?👀”

“There you have it. Nique having a baby”

“She is saying it’s none of y’all business to be trying to investigate if she is pregnant. People can invasive, asking is she pregnan etc. If she is she will tell when she’s ready to, respect.”

Pullins is no stranger to pregnancy rumors.

Zonnique Pullins
Tiny Harris and Zonnique Pullins. @zonniquejailee/Instagram

In November, an Instagram user commented on a beauty post of the former OMG Girlz artist and wrote, “She is beautiful, but she looks pregnant!”

Tiny Harris slammed the fan and responded, “How tf she look pregnant…🙄.”

Pullins’ grandmother Diane Cottle-Pope, also dispelled the child-bearing rumors about her granddaughter by telling spectators to “forget” about them.

“Please forget it she’s not pregnant,” Cottle-Pope shot back. “When she gets pregnant we will tell the world.”

Pullins is clearly fed up with people speculating she’s pregnant and her family seems to be too.

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