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‘Gottt Damnnn’: Alexis Skyy Beach Thirst Trap Has Folks Losing Their Minds

Alexis Skyy is setting the internet on fire with a racy Instagram snap she shared on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star left little to the imagination after revealing major skin in a tiny pink string bikini. The ensemble showed off her famous derriere, massive curves and ample cleavage. She basked underneath the sun while on the beach and posed with her hands on her legs and her backside facing the camera.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy poses in a super tiny bikini. @alexisskyy/Instagram

Skyy captioned her post with one word, “Bikini.”

The 194,000 people who loved the reality star’s picture expressed that she could go without the bikini altogether.

“Chile i KNOW they be hating u at the beach 😭,” someone wrote. “It’s the BODY for me 😩.”

Another person followed up with, “You don’t need it. You so damn fine bae.”

One admirer said, “Gotttttt damnnn 🔥 you dont need none u r the beach🤤.”

“Well I tell you what , you don’t need a caption .. you just need me 😩🙋🏾‍♂️ if you notice me 👀 #bunswithsun,” another person added.

There was one critic who accused Skyy of having “work” done to her body and wrote, “Why her a– look so fake.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy flaunts [email protected]/Instagram

Skyy never addressed the naysayer, but she did speak about her cosmetic procedures earlier this year.

In February, she went live on Instagram and spoke about the “painful” breast implants she received four years ago.

“After I had the surgery and I woke up, I forgot that I got my boobs done because they give you anesthesia and when you wake up from surgery you like literally panic because it feels like something heavy is on you and you can’t breathe and I was in so much pain,” Skyy, 26, said. “I dont think yall understand this was the worst pain i ever felt in my whole entire life.”

As for her rump-shaker, the single mother of one admitted to getting hip enhancements “illegally” for a curvier figure.

“I got my hips done, so it could make an illusion to give me hips,” said Skyy. “I always wanted to be, like, curvy.”

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