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‘What Happened?’: Alexis Skyy’s Natural Hair Video Derails When Fans Fixate on Her Lips

It seems Alexis Skyy may have plumped her pout, according to fans.

The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star took to Instagram on Wednesday, June 24, and posted a video showing off her natural hair. She ran her fingers through her bob and wrote in her caption, “My natural hair keeps growing 😍😍😍 thanks to @hairby.markanthony.”

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy shows off her natural hair. @alexisskyy_/Instagram

Skyy panned the camera around herself and zoomed in on her face. Her lips stuck out like a sore thumb to some social media users who questioned her appearance in the video.

Alexis Skyy

“You look different 🤔,” an Instagram user commented on Skyy’s post. Another person agreed with the fan and chimed in, “She Got Her Bottom Lip Done 😩.”

Someone else asked the model, “What happened to your lip?” while one user assured she got “lip fillers.”

Skyy is not a stranger to cosmetic procedures.

In a February Instagram Live video, she spoke about her “painful” breast surgery she received four years ago.

“After I had the surgery and I woke up, I forgot that I got my boobs done because they give you anesthesia and when you wake up from surgery you like literally panic because it feels like something heavy is on you and you can’t breathe and I was in so much pain,” she said. “I dont think yall understand this was the worst pain i ever felt in my whole entire life.”

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy in Jamaica. @alexisskyy_/Instagram

As for her lower body, the “LHHATL” star revealed she got her hips enhanced “illegally.”

“I got my hips done, so it could make an illusion to give me hips,” said Skyy. “I always wanted to be, like, curvy.” She claimed that was her “secret” to an hourglass figure. Skyy added that she “never touched” her buttocks and explained, “That’s why my butt still has a natural look to it.”

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