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Comedian Pretty Vee Opens Up About the ‘Pretty Vee’ Dance Challenge, Nick Cannon’s Mental State, and the Status of ‘Wild ‘N Out’

Vena Excell, known as Pretty Vee is basically running the internet! The Miami native rose to fame at just 24 years old with her raw and uncut skits on Instagram that garnered her a spot on Nick Cannon‘s “Wild ‘N Out” four years ago. Thanks to a freestyle she performed on the improv game show series earlier this summer, the social media influencer recently started a viral internet trend that seems to have much of the nation obsessed.

It all started when the comedian busted out her speedy rap lyrics while dancing on “Wild ‘N Out.” Social media users gravitated to the performance and created videos to mimic her routine. What started as a simple performance developed into the “Pretty Vee” TikTok dance challenge. The premise of the phenomenon is to lip-sync her fast rap lyrics and twerk at the end of the video.

Many celebs such as LaLa Anthony and her son Kiyan also got in on the fun.

Pretty Vee. (Photo courtesy of Pretty Vee)

Pretty Vee suggested in a July Instagram Live chat with Atlanta Black Star that she did not expect her routine to blow up. “Oh my God! I was expecting it to just be organic and do what it’s supposed to do,” she said at the 7:20 mark. “Like, I’m an authentic type of person, so when I went on stage B.Simone‘s a-s was like ‘go back in,’ and I was like, ‘Yo, what I’m gon’ say?’ so that’s when the DaBaby said ‘go back in’ … ‘let’s go back in, Vee,’ and I was like ‘OK,’ she explained. “So that’s how it came about. I didn’t know that it was going to be this big or huge, and it’s still going!”

Pretty Vee then went on to offer a mental health update on her former boss, Nick Cannon. The “Wild ‘N Out” host was fired by ViacomCBS last month for making anti-Semitic comments on his podcast “Cannon’s Class.” The 39-year-old comedian took to Twitter shortly after the incident, where he apologized to the Jewish community and said: “Ya’ll can have this planet! I’m out!”

Pretty Vee. (Photo courtesy of Pretty Vee)

Pretty Vee revealed at the 9:26 mark that she has talked to Nick since he was terminated. “Um … he’s doing great. I mean, Nick has a dope support system, and we’re definitely going to be praying and continue to pray for him. We’re going to keep working. Ya know, that doesn’t stop anything,” she said before explaining that they were on a comedy tour before the pandemic.

Pretty Vee. (Photo: @yesimprettyvee/Instagram)

Pretty Vee mentioned that she wasn’t sure if the show will be moved to another network. However, she explained that her loyalty lies with Nick and revealed that she will move to a different network with him. “Wherever Nick goes, we’re going to go. Period,” she said at the 10:33 mark. “And that’s how I feel about it. Nick has gave me the opportunity to — Nick has gave me a platform to be myself,” she stressed. She then proceeded to say around the 10:48 mark, “All the ghettoness, all the craziness, all the funniness, all the rawness, all the authenticness, Nick Cannon has gave me that platform to do that, so Nick Cannon has to be there. Period.”

Pretty Vee is keeping busy despite not filming the show. She shared that she’s working on more collaborations with different artists and is preparing to drop more music before the year is over.

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